Twitter also brush the zombie powder? Europe and the United States some brand celebrity fans

on April 26, according to foreign media reports, the two researchers in Italy recently pointed out, with some company brand and celebrity stars on Twitter, the number of fans (weibo) abnormal changes, is likely to be massive for the sale of fan behavior.

this is the two research security experts Andrea Stroppa and Carlo De Micheli, before they used to study and to disclose the “zombie fans” (false Twitter attention) black market, and a recent study, points to the brand and celebrity fans.

two researchers pointed out that Sean “Diddy” Combs, 50 Cent, Pepsi cola, mercedes-benz, and Twitter account such as Russia’s prime minister, appeared questionable fans, the fans of mass increase or decrease.

such as music stars Diddy (nickname “Diddy”, its Twitter account for @ iamdiddy), a day in June last year, his fans jumped by 185000, it is usually increased by 30 times. Last month one day, his fans suddenly lost 394000 again.

one day in November 2011, Pepsi fans increased by nearly 72000, the company’s explanation is that the forward through weibo won a large number of fans, but this will not be enough to allow researchers to convince.

after the above two researchers pointed out that Twitter announced two hundred million users, 20 million for the false account, buy and sell “zombie fans” of the size of the market as much as $40 million to $360 million.

the Twitter spokesman said, “bad” spam “is the common problems facing the entire Internet.