Trough points behind in 360 and a new network cooperation

this paper hunting cloud network readers contribute trafly

360 search today and a new line 360 shopping search on the net, now it has two big trough point: a, 360 shopping search TrackID is who? Second, in the future, please into the search wars traffic statistics.

a, 360 shopping search TrackID is who?

360 shopping search on the site, point directly to the Internet. But what’s interesting is that PID here behind a string of Numbers is not common that a string of 360 navigation.

this time could not help but want to ask, is the new PID 360 new taobao guest account? Google search the PID and no information at present, and introduced some bing and the PID related web pages, pointing to the 360 page search, a new network cooperation. Considering the profit of taobao guest property, temporarily the PID considered belongs to qihoo advertising ID.

this question from 360 released 2013 Q1 earnings Q2 forecast can see some clue: “qihoo is expected in the second quarter of 2013 income during the period of 142 million and 144 million, year-on-year growth of 95% to 98%, quarter-on-quarter growth of 29% to 31%.” Hotshang classmates think that qihoo 2013 second quarter forecast revenue from search should be between $1500 and $18 million. Considering the algorithm is based on qihoo 360 Q2 revenue is expected to make, and not to split search revenue fine manner, can think of the calculated values have on qihoo and the benefits of a new network cooperation. But in my heart, the cooperation of revenue sharing could make search revenue more than Hotshang schoolmate’s expectations.

2, in the future, please in traffic statistics into the search wars

in the current search engine traffic statistics in the table, often contain only general search engine results. And the emergence of a new network should be considered redistribution’s share of the pie chart. Here on the basis of the claim:

1. CNNIC’s total CNIDP platform of Internet in the benchmark set can be observed (not poking fun at 360 search, 360 search traffic statistical scheme to see CNZZ and Hitwise); The sorting result, the search for baidu, sogou, a new network, ask search, 360;

2. Alexa data, I know, anyone involved in 360 when use Alexa data will meet everyone’s disdain, but considering the data reference significance, also take out. Here release 360 cn data is also give you a replacement, please carry anger. Data show that in 360, and three months before a new network cooperation, a new network traffic has rose by 6.7%; Alex’s sort search respectively, 360 website, sogou, a new network, as well as 360 search;

3. The Internet society of China Chinarank data, the data search and search a new network data in a stalemate, please ignore the statistical results of 360 search. The statistical result of sogou, search, a new network, 360 website, 360 search;