“Trojan horse” elop is who?

cloud network hunting on September 3, special report

Stephen Elop (Stephen Elop) were meant to be in the IT industry deeply seared his name in history, because of just a few hours ago, Microsoft, nokia issued a shocked the world.

this is referred to as the “Trojan horse” media executives are bottom? Cloud network hunting small make up for your decryption key figures in Microsoft to buy nokia events – Stephen elop.

character biography:

elop was born in 1963 in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada. With his wife Nancy had five, four women and one man. A hobby for the pilots.

education experience:

at McMaster university in 1981 to study computer engineering and management, in 1986 graduated with second place in the class. He helped during about 22 km long Ethernet cable has been set up, the surrounding the campus network has become a Canada first to the Internet.

professional experience:
Elop did the first time the lotus development consulting director of the company. Since 92 in Boston Chinken former chief information officer for six years, until the company filed for bankruptcy in 1998. That same year, he joined the Macromedia Web/IT department, then in different senior management position for 7 years. In 05 Adobe acquisition of the first three months, he has become the CEO of the company.

in April was Adobe05 acquisition, Stephen elop, make a brief stop in Adobe global operations in December 2006 to resign after moving to Juniper Networks and COO. In 2008, he turned to Microsoft and the identity of the company’s senior management team members in charge of its Office product line and Dynamics of business.

whirlpools in the one hundred – year – old boss

in September 2010, elop from, olli-pekka Kallasvuo took the position of nokia’s chief executive, has become the CEO of nokia’s first ever not a Finn. Although the first year salary up to 7.94 million euros ($10.525 million) at the time, but in the second year in a quickly shrink to 1.05 million euros.

in almost took the pointer at the same time, Stephen elop, the famous “burning platform” leaked internal memo. Will nokia as a declaration to jump into the sea on the burning oil well platform workers to survive, only to jump into the sea through the escape.

in order to save the danger of the giant, elop first decision is out of symbian platform. Elop was first put forward creatively the concept of mobile devices and services combining ecological system, and the symbian platform (symbian platform have never been to establish a good ecological system, and its own code is too large has also become) in the fire, but his subsequent decision made itself Mired in controversy.

elop announced in February 2011, the future will cut the Finnish base and other employees.
In April the same year, nokia announced that it would cut 7000 jobs, and its symbian software r&d outsourcing to Accenture, to save about 1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) spending. In the cut of 7000 employees, of whom 4000 employee dismissal, while another 3000 were transferred to Accenture service company. The nokia layoffs account for 12% of the total number of its phone unit employees.

in September 2011, nokia announced it will close in Cluj Romania, (Cluj) manufacturing plant, involved 2200 employees; Subsequently, nokia announced the closure of nokia mobile phone map the location of the application research and development and business services sector, involved 1300 employees.

may be based on the former club number based on confidence, may be in for Microsoft “three screen a cloud” concept, Stephen elop, the nokia’s next bet on the Microsoft platform. Since Microsoft conspiracy, elop Trojan roared, even in the global mobile devices there are people in the meeting when facing elop questioned whether was sent here to spy for Microsoft.

Windows platform has not stopped since nokia’s losses, although the amount of loss reducing year by year, until Q2 this year, on the mobile phone business losses are minimal. But the decline in the mobile phone sales and market share, Microsoft as an ally of betrayal (after launch WP8 and Window8 refused to WP7 continued to upgrade service), in the face of iOS and Android weak competitiveness still makes the CEO is still controversial.

close track of elop

Microsoft announced in a few hours before $7.1 billion deal to buy nokia devices and services. Global technology media’s first response is Trojan and intrigue said to sit, and then published ballmer elop is equal to the return of the statement directly into elop forehead labeled as the “yeung-jen Chen” – three years will nokia into a Microsoft’s next development needs of enterprises, and then sell it to Microsoft, it is “a QuZhongCheng praises”. Can predict the future in this matter elop Delaware – unable to obtain information to internal premise, people tend to be keen on all kinds of dramatic speculation.