Triangle intersection of traditional TV brand should toward the road of the Internet?

the author: ten brothers from Lin: digital tail

smart TV, TV box, tail surely you have heard and even experienced, or is their users. Strictly speaking, these is not a fresh thing, but in the present fast development of mobile Internet, smart phones, tablets, has become an important part of our life. The smart home, is currently a hot cake of now. As a smart home is the most close to the livelihood of the people of the two products, smart TV and TV box, is a big focus of attention in current users.

you may know, apple has also launched smart TV. And headed by samsung international brand, its own TV products is also gradually become smarter. At home, by the first dozen loud first shot, with the TV. In regard of the TV before, you may have seen lenovo smart TV.

TV box, it is on the basis of the traditional TV, joined by the surrounding, make traditional TV become smarter, let ordinary TV can also get the same experience as smart TV. You may know that the existence of the Apple TV, but it’s not due to localization, really let the user know, promoters of the frenzy began TV box, box should be based on millet, led by brands.

recently, alibaba also for smart TV and TV box two big markets, introduced a customized ali cloud OS, make smart TV and TV box products will also be able to pick up the system, save all aspects of the research and development and operating costs, make the product quickly become smarter. After all, the traditional TV makers profit if just rely on hardware, so sure is a very serious problem. Profit because of Internet companies is to rely on content, hardware to operate at a loss or a secondary means of profit. Ali ecological alliance launched smart TV, traditional TV brand can not only profitable way, the continuation of previous hardware also can get profit sharing through the content of the new platform, also can yet be regarded as a shortcut.

so, as a supplier of alibaba platform, and the relationship between the traditional TV makers to maintain also becomes more important, especially the construction of the whole platform, will also play a key role. On this issue, from the user’s perspective, if the new pattern can bring benefits for manufacturers such as partners, is directly or indirectly, low prices for high-end products for consumers, it is also a good thing. As for the traditional TV brand willing to speed to the shortcut, or the independent research and development, that is another matter.

from my perspective, the TV box and smart TV will suddenly pop up at home, also is because of China’s own national conditions specialization. Before, you may use the system ACTS as an entertainment center for your living room. Now, you can through the smart TV, TV box to more easily access to Internet content, even like smart phones can run for TV screens and custom applications, games, etc.

here, I can’t help but have opinions. Grab the sitting room, a key market, why so out until now in China? This is not a few years ago there should be a product of?

in a foreign country, the sitting room entertainment center is composed of console, for example, the PS3 and Wii XBOX360. These game consoles, now also ushered in the upgrade, the XBOX One, PS4, the Wii U. I itself is the Wii U’s users, but also has twenty years old video game players to play, the game experience, can be achieved by how popular and they are in a foreign country, people is in is quite know how to use them.

I’ll take a simple example, I use the Wii U, besides can play the game to the top, can also browse the web browser based on its engine development, play some support HTML 5 video websites. And for foreign users, the Wii U will be able to get the service and even more, such as Nintendo his Nintendo TVii service, interaction with TV programs. While Youtube’s client, you can through the Wii U use Youtube service. Besides, there are numerous other additional applications, this is a game in addition to the game to bring our experience.

the XBOX One, PS4, also has more excellent experience in these aspects, such as the XBOX One, you can use Skype, you can use the IE browser, watch Netflix entertainment functions and so on many of the game. While PS4, 4 k video also no pressure, just think which TV box can now give you play 4 k video? At least I haven’t found.

nice after all, in the country because of policy, the masses for console contact know is very few, even if the player will also unable to obtain the corresponding localization experience for policy reasons. When I was in experience the Wii U, for example, are you cannot count on youku client, even the Chinese input method, and so on these. Like the popular network adapter Wii U browser, can play the video which is just enough to let me surprise, wouldn’t count on youku or iQIYI these video website will also be adapted accordingly.

this time, we need the TV box, or smart TV to assist us. Perhaps they compared the performance of the game are very much, but in meet the requirements on the basis of the masses, TV box and the unique advantages of smart TV can meet our requirements.

imagine, you now have a smart TV, in addition to being able to see you live television programs, can also access to broadband Internet video experience, using the application of daily life, and even play some interesting, can kill time in the game, this is our traditional TV can be difficult to achieve.

no, we can also through the television box to expand our TV itself functions. Like millet box, it not only provides video playback function, also support AirPlay technology, for iPhone users in, this is without a doubt one of the most suitable localization box. Like ali before launch rainbow TV BOX, together with the TV on television it can even let you enjoy the fun of shopping with the remote control, can also have some convenient service. In addition, we can also have a lot of choice in the field, like a music box, PP box, etc.

the industry trend, we can see: the intelligent mobile phone, the intelligent household items, small appliances intelligent, major appliances and intelligent. Who can think of, the smartphone will in such a short time to become a huge cake? Who can expect, smart TV or TV box, will become another big piece of cake.

TV, is a key to the future of intelligent. As I said earlier, capture the sitting room should be the domestic brand in a few years ago will be on the scene. If traditional TV brand to cling to the old market, submerged by the stream of history. Imagine, when joy as introduced subverts the traditional TV industry super TV, as consumers, we began to enjoy the welfare of the price war. When millet also purported to launch TV, means that television has become an important field of the Internet.

if a television, not into the Internet content, so the future will be very easy to be eliminated, especially in this particular market in China. Traditional TV brand, if marking time, then will be competitor, and these latecomers, will be the Internet industry giant.

traditional TV brand, should promote the pace of the smart TV as soon as possible, and the user experience perfectly. Who can grab the market ahead of time, perhaps a sitting room entertainment center in the future road will go more smoothly. If no progress, will be eliminated, there is a good example of millet in mobile phone industry.

now, rumors about millet TV industry is known, millet box of aquatic products is the first try. Letv, also launched their own super TV product, competing directly with traditional TV brands, have an advantage more. Ali cloud, comes from behind the scenes for the traditional TV brand provides a shortcut to more quickly become smarter.

so traditional TV brand, will choose which way to evolve yourself? With the expectation, let’s wait for the traditional TV industry for subversive revolution.