Traditional industry net, not call you touch the high tension line!

according to the ministry of the 2013 , 8 in telecommunication industry situation of economic operation “, according to 8 in fixed broadband Internet users in China net 146.9 thousands of households, lower than last month 22.2 thousands of households, total of 1.84 million households, the total number of mobile Internet users to 8.28 million households. The growth of the Internet users can be changed most of the traditional industries, including logistics, machinery manufacturing, industrial raw materials, and other traditional industries bring certain influence.

compared with the rapid development of Internet industry, traditional industry attitude towards the Internet really dare not to compliment. Either refused to directly contact with the Internet, live in their own little world, (” online are lying “, “it doesn’t work” to do those things online is not a few of these ideas). A touch or “tasted”, just off, take it won’t pay so much money. Few can take great energy and thoughts on the Internet. They are not used to use the Internet, the Internet become his right-hand man, sharp knife to open the Internet into their existing markets, turn the Internet into their access to information.

the Internet really is a devil? People will eat? I want to ask, why you at the time of online shopping, don’t shake hand? Taobao issued 2010 years online data and online shopping trends, according to 2010 in taobao, male consumers make more than the female, male proportion reached 53.9% , women for 46.1% . If we know that using the Internet to shopping, so why don’t you know that using the Internet to make their products and services better?

the author thinks that: the role of the Internet for the traditional enterprise, remove directly bring products sales, still can bring other potential value for the enterprise, these are invisible value. Internet in people’s lives increasingly permeable, can let more and more traditional industries have been dominated by the Internet, for a lot of cleaning industry has not been the Internet, the earlier into the Internet, the use of the Internet enterprises will be the better in the future competition, “behind” means beaten, completely refused to Internet companies will eventually be “overwhelmed” by the wave of the Internet.

below the author combines the logistics industry to analyze the role of the Internet for the industry:

industry trend analysis

prophecy is the so-called “soothsayers” functions that, on the Internet although not reached the level of “fortune”, but it is also can have certain prediction effect. In a paper called “use Google Search quantitative Movie Magic ( Quantifying Movie Magic with Google Search )” research report, Google wrote, from a film before monthly Search volume can predict opening weekend box office, accuracy is as high as 94% , even Google can predict the stock market analysts have said.

from the picture shows the keywords “logistics” 2012 , 1 month – 2013 , 10 month trend diagram, clearly 2013 years overall baidu index is lower than 2012 years in average. According to China’s procurement and logistics network “ 2013 in the first half of the overall development situation analysis of logistics operation, according to 2013 in the first half of the social logistics scale growth trend down, steel, coal and other commodities logistics demand remains weak, logistics market price is difficult to ascend, social logistics total cost GDP ratio of 18% , in the first half of the national social logistics total cost 4.5 one trillion yuan, grew 9.0% , from the first quarter fell back 0.9 percentage, falling from the same period a year earlier 2.8 a percentage points. Logistics industry in the first half of the last downturn, and the trend of the above basic figure is consistent.

including Google trends, baidu index, weibo hot search tools, such as a list of all can show the relevant industry hotspot, this provides a good reference value to the traditional industry, even the industry forecast. Than offline trend in the sense that gives a person to the more obvious, maybe in the offline will feel recent how don’t have business, how do customers less, on the Internet related hot shrink perhaps is proof of that. It is not a beast of prey, is “soothsayers.

is not only in the same industry can have prediction effect, including their Allies industry, there are may be the cause of the butterfly effect. The downturn in the logistics industry, the logistics transport, warehousing, logistics equipment and other industries are also susceptible.

free lunch

the world has free lunch? Maybe there is. In fact, the Internet is not just only do mall site, the direct economic benefits of the product may be produced, it also has other many spin-off products, these products are free of charge, and the value of it is unable to use economic benefits directly to reflect.

there’s not a traditional enterprise said they don’t need to have new customers, new customers in the offline communication visit, to go to the company are bound to see a product or service, when the location service is particularly important, especially in a remote location, the geographical position is not clear, need to take two or three hours of driving, walking a few maps of domestic products, including baidu, Google maps, sogou map, Scott map is open applications, such as so long as has the related certificate can be submitted to apply for the map. This time, two to three hours may decide to the customer directly to escape or a chance to communicate more, it can not directly bring economic benefits, but it certainly is valuable, the main is in line with the traditional enterprise’s psychological, it is free!

of course, still have a lot of things free services, such as wikipedia, weibo products (their maintenance is free of charge) and some certification etc. Many services are free, you just need to manually to submit.

of course, due to traditional enterprises for fear of the Internet, and in part from the Internet itself. In 2006 2008 in all kinds of small and medium sized Internet companies began to run rampant, completely odor to some traditional enterprise network, when he heard that is a network company phone, immediately hang up, will also scold a few words of bad language on the phone. Many traditional businesses have been cheated, such as some Internet companies take money and run, have a plenty of blackmail to cheat, have a plenty of did not reach the effect. For pay attention to the traditional enterprise credibility, “was the snake bite, once bitten, twice shy” is a reflection of reality.

traditional enterprises, is “local tyrants”, very direct will ask “I in this online you so much money, how much can you give me to earn?” , “local tyrants” only love money, other all don’t love, this is the one big drawback of traditional enterprise in the face of the Internet. (I don’t make friends with the local tyrants)

Internet is not the high tension line, the traditional enterprise touched it would not die. This is a process of trial, experiment, summarizes, and traditional enterprise innovation process, in a new way to interpret the process of marketing value, brand value and spread value. Internet go too fast, resulting in part of the traditional enterprise not to catch up with him, I still want to say, “the early bird catches the worm”, the Internet is bound to the annual rings of rolling to most of the traditional industry, don’t want to out, as soon as possible to adapt to it, let it become your speakers.

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