Tour new hand “hot” : the game release gradually ChengGongHai with distributors for the voice

the author: Mr. Wong

China tour industry has never been so hand “chaos”. External force headed by a-share companies competing to buy the curtain also on mobile game company, mobile game industry chain looms again A new competition on the red sea – mobile game.

“mobile Internet is the most popular mobile game, mobile game industry is the hottest issue”. EA subsidiary Chillingo had pair of red angry birds, such as “cut the rope” many hands to swim, to become the best distributor, also bring to their issue latecomers have enough confidence.

compared with foreign mobile game developers, publishers, and the relatively stable relations between and among distributors, in the Chinese market for mobile game explosive growth within a year, to break the balance.

at least in the present, publishers situation has changed. China hand swim distribution channels are gradually to the evolution of oligarchs, baidu, 360, tencent and other Internet giant to point 9 into channels and distribution of entrance, firmly grasp the notion of the whole industry chain.

this for mobile game developers and publishers, obviously not a good thing.

distributors play arrogant theme

distribution channel is a hand touch up to the last part of the user, the value of his “the last kilometer” is crucial in the whole tour to promote hand chain.

once will focus media into a framework of the country’s largest advertising channels jiang, also agree with hand swim channels of great value. In his view, the distribution channel, will become the biggest profit hand swim fast developing market. “Mobile game after 450 billion market scale, distribute market can get how many money? I think can achieve 230 billion. China is the time when the channel is king forever.”

but more people think that the strength of the channel has developed to the point of industry development. For their developers, channels, marketing costs are rising, such as channel and game developers into proportion is more and more to the channel flat Taiwanese tilt, from the initial split 50-50, to the present time and open (distributors (8 into \ game developers (2).

the situation was reversed transmission tour developer relax hand product standards, even collapse caused by product quality. Mobile phone browser vendors UC’s game channel nine swim to disclose the current market situation of mobile game industry: less than 20% of the game can earn money. Ironically, the platform has also announced a high-profile foray into issue, both make developers money.

, according to data from the second quarter of this year CPA than Q1 nearly doubled, reached 3.2 yuan, while 35% of the game from each user to earn income less than $1, this also means that these games for each user (2.2 yuan, from the interests of the channel exploitation will be worse.

the author: Mr. Wong

the blue port online CEO wang feng more than once in public calls for distributors self-discipline, keep 50-50 between gold line, hand tour industry in the future will face because of the uneven distribution of interests caused by the huge development.

“in the past two years, game channels into cost increased by more than five times. Mobile game channel mastered the user and the flow rate, strong market.” A mobile game developers such feeling, in his impression, channel arrogance can make developers is successful, also can let them recover.

publishers on checks and balances a battle

at this time, issuers thought began to enter into the brains of more and more people, by the research game “fishing’s got talent” series of touch is the first channel from the development of science and technology to jump to the content of the distribution channel, for now, good – its monthly income reached 70 million yuan, is to catch up with the research business.

was quickly learn from predecessors’ experience. In the second half of this year, blue harbor, le dynamic excellence has announced in mobile game is released, the blue port directly established distribution center, has about 10 game into the issue of scheduling table; Le dynamic game plans to spend one hundred million yuan to build the hand travel distribution platform, hand travel agency costs are kept at more than 10 million.

even is given priority to with network security business of golden hill network announced “touch” mobile game is released, and bolster its core business.

move is interpreted in hand swim developers and distributors game defeat under the premise of other open battlefield. And this part of the benefit from the same developer.

these halfway out of the vendor to build an ideal pattern can be understood as: mostly on the game, a small number of third party game released, a make up for the blank development stage, the second broken other mobile game developers originally to channel that cake, broaden the business revenue and profit model.

but the vast majority of people are not willing to rely on distributors to direct conflict with each other at the same time. “The issue of this year I decided to participate in market competition, but that doesn’t mean we have to direct competition and 360, 91. I don’t think to rat rob product opportunity today. I also don’t want to issue the business up to more high profile with a bang.” Mr Wang’s attitude completely can be summarized this part people hope now.

looked back and hold up half the sky in the channel now, hand swim developers what reason to cooperate with distributors, accept more round “relations”? Swim tao yi, founder and CEO Fang Zhihang answer is that the game is submitted to the App Store or Google Play, light has downloaded does not mean that the success of the game, the professional game publishers can provide the localization operation, even participate in the secondary development, this is any channels are made.

Fang Zhihang founded this call specializing in overseas mobile game agent issued by the company, in touch, blue harbor after developers become their rivals, Fang Zhihang there is another reason of take out can persuade developers: “specialized publishers do not do the research and development, put their products in my hand completely don’t have to worry about being fake and plagiarism.” The implication is that highly suspicious, as it did on the development and distribution company is difficult to completely avoid suspected of “inside job”.

even if under the background of all of these, there are also people who choose to believe that China’s mobile game market after pain, will one day from “channel is king” to “content is king”, “issue is king”.

garrel shanda vice President thinks, after chaos, mobile game developers should reshape “content is king” belief, “channel oligarchs not is a very bad thing, do people will never believe content is everything.”