Tour money hand: can’t see the thief beaten at the thief eating meat

the author: Wang Jialun

“now who still do single ah, do mobile phone games, online games to make money!” Entrepreneurs royal king told reporters that he said created corn trees do science and technology is the earliest single mobile games, paragraph 3, 4, overall users are millions more, king royal found single-player game but in the process of operation is not good to earn money, only through the way of advertising profit, for team work. When see tap4fun, chengdu digital sky these companies rely on a network game has gone through the roof, after millions of monthly income, king royal still decided entirely towards mobile phone games, through the development of the past, one of the newest items online game is about to online, king imperial experience is very representative, entrepreneurs as long as it is now the teahouse do mobile games are only talking about network game, suitable for only do online games have a future, to make a lot of money.

mobile gaming business “good vision”

stand-alone game development cycle is short, arup value low pay rate is high, users have to at least millions of level will have a good income, network game development cycle is long, the initial investment is high, pay rate is low, arup value is high, there are ten thousand active users will be able to hundreds of thousands of monthly income, at several monthly income of fire are thousands of mobile phone network game. Both a contrast, many entrepreneurs are naturally start with the mobile phone games, but unfortunately, most of the industry to see only the mobile phone games after the success of higher income, but I did not see a winner on this road of accumulation and inputs.

mobile games with the traditional page swim and swim is essentially the same, and now the quality of the mobile phone network game more and more to catch up with the trend of web games, a large tourism development may need two or three years, into at least, tens of millions of dollars after listed, if successful, enough to eat 5 to 10 years, the legend of shanda, netease is so fantasy westward journey, web game development takes about 12 to 18 months, more than money in about 3 million, listed if response is good enough to eat after 2-3 years, move the game of the fairy, sohu changyou’s * * * * are typical examples. Mobile phone network game is just beginning, life cycle is unable to determine, but is expected to more than pages swim short, a product development takes about half a year time, initial investment in 1 million, launched after if global distribution, monthly income should be likely to do.

the problem is that you do a mobile game you can make it? May be more accord with pieces of law in the field of mobile phone games, only 10% of the tour products hand could obtain a good income, there are more of a batch of products in the hard development online namely dead after half a year. But this time you have spent half a year and a modest investment.

stand-alone game profit have doorways

compared with online games, stand-alone game have more distinctive characteristics, chengdu a part-time entrepreneur, one use of evening and weekend time less than a month will be able to develop a single mobile phone games, through Google play to achieve global distribution, if the subject isn’t very outdated can also accumulated hundreds of thousands of users. According to Google play’s business manager to reporters, if your phone games every day, tens of thousands of active users, AD optimization of good, income is likely to reach $100 a day, compared to this one spare time into, can have profit.

one of the most successful in the field of China mobile games should belong to fishing, nearly hundred million level of the users and monthly income of over 30 million, his main source of income in addition to advertising, most of the game props charge fee, is often said that pay inside. Single amount may be very low, such as buying a property as long as one yuan, but paid huge users, thereby supporting the he had thousands of monthly income. This kind of single machine game escaped death at the temple in the form of payment within 2, find your sister game began to widespread use. In order to play a better pay a few dollars, can it be accepted for most users.

single mobile games can also be earning millions, in addition to the game itself set good basic item mall and so on, more important is operators launched SMS payment function, greatly promoted the users pay for playing online game players if you want to pay for the COINS are mostly via cell phone or apple pays treasure of credit card payment, the user has a requirement is to be opened with mobile payment function. And operators SMS payment is greatly shortened the users to pay process, any user as long as the love the game directly click the buy button payment success, in subscribers to deduct the corresponding cost directly, the user will then receive SMS alerts. Depend on this way, in the list of China’s mobile phone game base has a large number of single small game than 1 month income.

do suits own is the most important

both single-player games and mobile games, all have their own profit mode and operation mode, mobile phone games popular more stems from its outbreak growth of temptation and imagination. After all to like fishing talent level single machine game is very few, but for entrepreneurs start-up stage is more important to survive? One side is a high investment risk, high return or millions into ashes start again, or instant prick silk Grosvenor LTD handsome, enjoy the pleasure of geometric progression growth. On one side is low risk and low return, low input there, chugging along. As an entrepreneur, relative, only to find suits own is the most important.