Total: xi li liu lei jun reports

on September 30, President xi jinping came to zhongguancun national innovation demonstration area such as exhibition center, listened to the zhongguancun administrative committee of zhongguancun innovation and development, director of case report. Robin li, baidu, lenovo during Mr Liu and millet lei jun did explain respectively.

the zhongguancun is the first high-tech park in our country, and the first national independent innovation demonstration zone. After more than 20 years development, gathered here for nearly 2 m high and new technology enterprise, achieve revenue 2.5 trillion yuan last year, enterprise employees 1.56 million people. Size of 40000 square meters of exhibition center, is to show the zhongguancun innovation achievements of the platform, is also the important scientific base of Beijing.

hunting cloud network want to say is, Mr Liu is one of the recognized entrepreneur leader, li is the emerging Internet firms. Lei jun and millet technology success among the “leader” shows, the achievements of millet has acquired from the top.