Too many circles contribute 】 【 militant Weeks of artillery to make national team

this paper hunting cloud network readers submit

Zhou Hongyi over the years and almost all big fight in circles. That entrepreneurial teams, would dare to meet Zhou Hongyi investment, once a Lao zhou people means that most of the Internet. Has even been summed up, zhou at ordinary times is not tweeting, as long as Lao zhou microblogging became active, must be to a company is to fire.

hot Zhou Hongyi

of course, the land of foe our profile must be aware of the friends little way to go. Years later from Zhou Hongyi and lei jun and the good news. Although lei jun later denied that trail spread various vivid details, but one thing is for sure, is Zhou Hongyi active seek lei jun and have good intentions.

there are no eternal enemies, in addition to try to repair the relationship with bosses, 360 also actively explore cooperation with the national team. A recent months activity:

on February 21, 360 search and immediate lighthouse jointly launched “315 green activist” network activity, full access to the state food and drug administration of the drug query data.

so much money on CCTV on March 15 party ads, joint CCTV financial channel launched on March 15, 360 search feature.

on March 19, 360 as many (national computer network emergency coordination center), malicious programs disposal of advanced unit.

360 frequent cooperation with “national team” have the following meaning.

1. National resources have advantages. Such as access to the state food and drug administration drug querying data, the only national team only data.

2. Improve their image. As the Internet security enterprise, corporate image is important. The daily business herald report of 360 to 360 image damage is very big, zhou even use the technique of weakness to gain sympathy. State department certification is beneficial to improve the enterprise image.

3. Prevent professional agency report job security. Security and privacy “Ming is 360, there have been an analysis of the Chinese academy of sciences last year 360 browser security privacy issues report out events, caused a big stir. Although later after a pr, cas statement is internal material. But the authority of the Chinese academy of sciences or by Internet users. Get along with such institutions to prevent similar events.

opponents accused of 360 never stop, like “with each event influence also is the first time. Persuasive evidence, media powerful voice and tencent contributed a great influence on the event. 360 make the national team, perhaps is another way of seeking safety.

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