Today’s hot review: had gone too far, will eventually backfire

hunting cloud network on April 15, readers wonderful comments come!

“B is from zhejiang, the parent company is industry and trade integration, established companies, doing clothing OEM for European and American brands, from spinning, weaving to ODM, a dragon, two years ago began to have electricity, gradually to touch a result, their own brand also has some foundation. Late last year, trying to jingdong procurement, launched a number of winter clothing, unexpectedly sold “hot style”, become jingdong category in the championship. A batch of goods in addition to some defective goods return, the rest of the selling dry clean.

it is a happy thing, but it didn’t take long, jingdong business manager will call B, required to do in a horse this winter, and if ready for the last three times, in order to ensure the jingdong’s cargo commitment.

at this point is close to the Spring Festival, want to go to the spring right away, if the goods according to the requirements of jingdong, no doubt greatly increase the risk of their own inventory, accidentally, the upfront profits becomes next to “stock up” of discount price, therefore, B had to immediately fly to Beijing to “public relations”, “impending nuptials with jingdong joint for several days, in the end, the joint talent, reduce the amount of stock to 1.5 times that of the first” no point skills, also make uncertain, understand business.” B said, the joint is the “nice”! Now he just pray in other electric business platform to make roll head, don’t have to rely on jingdong one.”

from above. Supplier collective poking fun at jingdong.

“jingdong shop QiKe, had gone, will eventually backfire”. In addition, some netizens said in comments in xiao yun’s weibo, also meet with jingdong information leak it, just change the phone number, only in jingdong registered, and then…

had gone too far, will eventually backfire of


nima flow entry single, playability and expansibility is not strong.


no taxi service abroad and drink blood of a taxi company, only the drivers’ union and taxi association. Don’t solve the problem from the root, what both useless APP


we should not be what you what to do, and what should not only do


as for ali prosperous, made a CRM can directly + customer service system, it actually fit into their small business strategy, this though I used, but as long as they do well, this is will be the third of platform, the platform once do more direct, direct trade, direct payment. Shun said, personally I don’t like someone slap shoot a all new tools to death, all need to give people the opportunity to try


Mr Luo some lone ranger plot, it is an idealist. Maybe he can become, but I don’t think it is because of this, but because he understood the matter to the most professional of the most professional people to do, understand the resources sharing. This is very rare, how many managers Shouting such concept and slogans, but always self-centered.


tell you, share your wisdom, quick to comment on it, hunting cloud network myriad readers are looking forward to your insights.