To the manufacturer’s recommendations: smart watches should do so!

Beijing time on April 6, a lot of people want to be a smart watch, this new technology may not be as they are fanatical fans, not for their professional requirements, but because the value of this product can provide special — and, of course, the premise is smart watch manufacturers can do one thing.

for smart watch revolution is coming, the risk is that each is competition between manufacturers, hope in the new market dominance. However, these companies are likely to try to do something that is right for their own, and for consumers, however, is not necessarily a right. This means that vendor may create a proprietary ecosystem, and will be unable to communicate between each platform to coexist.

from the definition, the watch is a “closed loop” (otherwise will fall from your wrist); But this does not mean that, smart watches also should be a closed loop.

smart watch will lead to a major market: apple may already have iWatch, Google also appears in the development of smart watches, as well as to the samsung. These companies have hope that users will be immersed in their own computing environment — that is, if the user USES the iOS, then apple will be thinking about new ways to protect users will use iWatch truly, cooperate to use with the iPhone, the device, and even Mac; Samsung has launched the latest flagship smartphone Galaxy S4, severe integrates their own customized applications, replace the similar application of Google for the Android operating system development; Google is more interested in another thing, that is to let users online use Gmail, Talk, Google maps and other services.


Google patent watches here (tencent technology illustrated)

this constitutes a so-called “closed loop” (sometimes also referred to as the “walled garden” (walled garden)) of the classic definition. Everything is in the closed environment, users have no reason to leave the closed loop, and outsiders are not usually welcome. dictionary definition of a “closed loop” is: “by a track the full path of the signal, this signal will be from the feedback circuit, the output of the equipment or system to the input, and then back to the output side.” For iOS or Android mobile operating system, the user is the “signal”.

there is a risk is real, that is an apple, Google and samsung will be added to the latest smart watch their respective proprietary closed loop. For example, if the user does not use the iPhone, so can’t get iWatch can bring you a full benefits; Unless a user has a Nexus smartphones, Google smart watch will not achieve the best condition; Samsung smart watches, too, is likely to require users to have a Galaxy devices can use all of its functions.

the ideal smart watches

but is that the ideal smart watches is don’t need to cooperate with smart phones can be used, the smart watch will have its own data connection, touch screen interface and location tracking sensor, best can have to monitor the heart rate sensor and other biometric features; Have bluetooth function, can let users will be smart watches with wireless headset or smartphone devices such as wired together; Also, with enough battery life, a single charge should use at least one all day.

, for example, in the day of rest to ride a bicycle fitness, people can use smart watches to track their own riding speed, the location and the heart rate changes. The watch should have streaming or store music, then send it to the ability of wireless headphones, and depend on their ability to do this, don’t need the help of other equipment. Bluntly, in the process of cycling fitness, no one will be willing to take out a smartphone, or smart watches can operate independently, of course, is the best.

the only “real” exist in the market now smart watch is born from the Kickstarter project Pebble, this product can perform many tasks described above, but need to get data connection by smart phone. But, at least Pebble can connect to the iPhone, can also be connected to the Android mobile phone.

closed loop

apple may is planning to produce a smart watches without data connection, but need the iPhone all functions into full play. If the Galaxy Nexus or replacing the iPhone, so the problem comes. For smart watch users, they should not be forced to buy a particular smartphone to use smart watches. However, manufacturers are hoping to use smart watches as a way to sell more smartphones. To some extent, this also it doesn’t matter, no one would mind using a particular brand of smartphones to enhance the ability of smart watch, but no one will want to use a particular brand of smartphones become a necessary condition.


apple patent watches here (tencent technology illustrated)

for smart watch manufacturers, “closed loop” set to consumers is undoubtedly attractive thing. But, in the smart watch the interests of the users and the market itself, is not a good thing to do so.

Arms race

the financial times reported that in March, Google may have been involved in the smart watch “arms race”. With Google glasses (Google Glass), Google smart watches are not developed by X Lab department, but the Android division is responsible for the research and development. This may mean that Google will be smart watches as a product can be listed in the short term. According to the financial times sources, Google smart watches with samsung previously announced is developing smart watches products are different.

Wearable electronic equipment such as

watch is seen as the next frontier of consumer electronics industry, from samsung to apple and Jawbone and Pebble, small companies are involved in this field, even Nike is unwilling also after people to participate. Although Google did not comment on rumors about smart watches, but according to the financial times reported, the company in 2011 to apply for a patent for a show that the intelligent watches products will have a double screen “tilting display” (flip – up display) and “touch” user interface. Worth pointing out that have been Google acquisition MOTOROLA mobile has in the production of their own smart watches, this product is based on the Android operating system, the brand name for the MotoACTV.

three star is responsible for the mobile business executive vice President Lee young-hee (Lee Young – hee) earlier in March, an interview with bloomberg, confirmed that the company is developing smart watch indeed. “We are ready to launch future products, smart watch is definitely one of them.” Lee young-hee said at the time. He also added that for samsung and apple, “the question is who will be the first to commercialise smart watches, to let consumers in a meaningful way to use the product”.

li yong bo did not provide more detail information, such as samsung smart watch will be what appearance, can provide customers with what and when will be listed, etc.; But he points out that the south Korean electronics giant, is engaged in the smart watch related research and development work for “a long time. According to the technology website Unwired View reports, samsung are in place for nearly a decade before the smart watch related technology, covering all kinds of wearable device design.

bloomberg also reiterated that an anonymous sources close to the first apple plans to launch its own this year smart watch design, this kind of watch features include shows information and map data, and can make a phone call and track information related to health, etc.

the other outside, there are rumors, said last month the LG has to join in the competition, is currently developing smart watch products to compete with apple and samsung. News also said that LG is still in the development of a similar to the Google glasses products. According to sources, two kinds of wearable devices the development plan of LG has become a part of a long-term development strategy, “in many of the LG is currently development is an important component of commercial product”.

translation: tencent technology

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