To raise $80 million m, Snapchat valuation of $800 million

foreign science and technology, media reported wave-tech at Snapchat in its harvest $80 million B round of funding. Snapchat is a “burn after reading” application, because of its unique concept of social and popular. It is understood that the company estimates for 800 million dollars, and in the previous round of funding, Snapchat forecasts of close to $1 billion.

after the leader of this round of financing in financing, will possess Snapchat9 % of equity, as well as, and become the shareholders of the company.

professional analysis, the company will use the funding for the growth of the development. As a social applications, Snapchat user groups positioning in their late teens or early 20 s. This kind of random, fast and fresh way of photo sharing is nowadays young people preferred. However, there are five friends tonight with Snapchat preach the photos to me, and we have 30 years old.