To play the hero alliance, won the us visa: the United States recognized e-sports to professional sports LOL!

high levels of the hero alliance (hereinafter referred to as LOL ), players can also get visa like traditional athletes now, developers “hero alliance” Riot Games , Nick Allen yesterday, he said, the company has convinced the United States citizenship and immigration services approved LOL simplify the visa process for a professional sport. The first to benefit from the players will be Canada , he originally because of visa problem temporarily can’t attend the spring of this year, vice President of e-sports Dustin Beck later confirmed that the rumors, “this is a watershed, the competition is a sport, and now we can NBA or NHL and so on as the same category.

for this change, Beck said, we can invite the American players to join our team, this is like David Beckham to join the Los Angeles galaxy. Review of the lobby, Beck think it is a long and difficult process, because want to let those officials believe that LOL can also serve as a professional to make a living. However, due to lack of understanding, a lot of people still have a grain of salt, he said: “our ratings accounted for, even more than ESPN in the sports 80% to 90% .”

in terms of the visa, and Beck refers to the more likely to be similar to “internationally recognized athletes” visa, that is, players can stay for the longest in America 5 years. In history, of course, also have to follow, chess is one of the most famous example, despite the visa problems, chess “players” is often to and from the United States. Riot this is for other electronic competitive opened the door, for they get the same treatment may and reference, if there is a group or company willing to lobby for them. Want to point out is at the same time, still have a lot of non us players athletes can be difficult to obtain a visa to enter the United States.