To play the end of the sogou series TAB3 resulted from the company

when heard of tencent investment sogou, the first reaction generates a lot of questions, but there is no doubt after watching the live interview shorthand, suddenly on the analysis of the investment sogou tencent is already flying, so I won’t talk about event analysis, we still see the tencent in sogou, TAB3 all aspects of the situation.

tencent’s garbage sogou treasures

tencent for $448 million in cash + search and QQ input method, the price of mobile and PC traffic support in return for a 36.5% stake in sogou, this is a win-win deal. $448 million in cash in, and to transfer a heap of rubbish to sogou, made for tencent, the sogou also steal to smile.

search in the search engine market basic can be ignored, the performance of the market share of 2% ~ 2% no cashability. Under the support of many years what also didn’t create market value, search for tencent is tasteless abandon eaten but a pity to waste business.

input method has many years of market competition, QQ input method already could not transcend sogou input method, even if not beyond the sogou input method cashability, tencent QQ has been done at the bottom right window pops, QQ input method to play again? So QQ input method do again big also is bad, cannot cash business is rubbish.

on traffic, tencent don’t lack most is traffic, lack is how to improve the flow of liquid, not cash flow which is junk, don’t have any value, can only wait for loss.

however, tencent the rubbish business, sogou love also have need. Accept search more or less can help sogou improve market share, to swallow after QQ input method sogou input method has no other rivals, and traffic on the sogou is very lack, both PC and mobile terminal, sogou need more traffic in order to further develop business and improve performance.

tencent given $448 million in cash + packaging waste business to take a stake in sogou also appears has the sincerity, tencent’s garbage business turnover to sogou immediately became the capital, sogou future listed story becomes more vivid. So, tencent’s garbage is, indeed, sogou treasure.

sogou kick ali netted $60 million a year

look from the Numbers, the largest trading loss of one party is actually a year ago by sogou bureau ali is put forward. Last July, sohu for $25.8 million to repurchase the sogou’s 10.88% stake held by the ali, after tencent invested 448 million today, sogou valuations of at least $1.23 billion, a 10.88% stake in the $133.5 million, this is just a number on the direct calculation, if consider from tencent market brought about by the imagination, now the market capitalisation of sogou should value more, ali loss is at least $100 million.

however, the above algorithm from the perspective of dynamic digital, algorithm is no. Because the sogou belongs to secondary investment tencent, if ali didn’t exit of shares will be diluted to about 7%, worth around $86 million, look from the price, sogou last July to kick out of 14 months, ali netted at least $60 million, zhang abacus played loud!

this is another story, of course, sogou didn’t ali kicked out, does not necessarily have tencent invested in things. But can be seen from the Charles zhang said in a conference some clue, shares buy-back ali in July to less than half a year, sogou began to have contact with tencent, 360, baidu. Zhang this dish chess under the good early, kicked out of ali is only the first step and marriage tencent is ending.

360 won the Internet investment contribution award this year

each big Internet awards this year have to qihoo 360 awarded “Internet investment and financing of the year award”, to recognize the positive contribution of the Internet industry investment this year, 360 in 360 to participate in bidding under the successive produce two huge investments, the award must be awarded in 360 for the industry consensus.

360 to participate in the bid for the 91, and finally to raise the price to $1.9 billion, baidu to foot the bill. 360 bid sogou, to raise the price to $1.2 billion, tencent for $448 million in cash, additional search, input method, flow and other business resources had a 36.5% stake. 360 two empty shakes a gun, to participate in the bid for a circle, finally what also confiscated, but help 91 sogou, lucrative, let its old rival baidu, tencent spending a huge sum of money to buy a single, oneself make enough media attention. If discuss from public opinion and media attention to awards, awarded in 360 a pr event of the year award.

sina sohu to embrace ali a tencent, baidu, the waved to netease

in April this year to ali’s $586 million investment in sina weibo account for 18% of the shares, tencent’s 448 million investment sogou today 36.5% of the shares.

after ali investment sina weibo, the passion, while engaging employees football, basketball, and doing the sina weibo taobao, help sellers flow, the recent news coming from both sides will be in video aspects of plan, ali kept up with sina, envy others.

today, investment in tencent sogou conference, ma and zhang, tencent and sohu will continue to seek cooperation on other business. Two people at the meeting is more praise each other, and the enterprise culture of similar. Everybody can tell, sogou is the bridge of tencent and sohu strategic partnership, this is going to come together.

once domestic six big Internet companies, baidu, netease, sina, sohu, tencent, ali, now on the other side of the remnant, baidu and netease alone, this let like watching Internet users have to shout: “together, together, together!”

ali cooperation with sina trigger point in weibo, tencent and sohu cooperation of trigger point in sogou, netease also has cooperation with baidu promotion points, youdao or letter could easily, but compared with easecredit the netease the product of a joint venture with telecom, youdao on some more. Netease youdao have been an important training child business, even if not as good as weibo and sogou, but youdao dictionary, youdao cloud notes of market performance is also very good.

if baidu and netease can reach the cooperation is interesting on the youdao, at the beginning of 2000’s three major portal is a search, a do electrical business, a social three prominent giant after replacing, now the situation is to the portal business driven to do business, after the success to sell a stake to do search, the three giants do electrical business, and social. And, of course, this is just my YY, but no one can say absolutely not going to happen.


in the end, the words come back, sogou is really a rarity in the Internet world, it play the ali, tencent, baidu, 360 four large companies in the domestic, also indirectly affect the parent company old rival sina and sohu netease. Like an Internet series, sogou financing role of many twists and turns and bizarre, anyway, sogou today is temporarily find good end-result. After marriage ali with sina, sohu and tencent marriage again, this situation should let baidu and netease nervous, the Internet giants have a tendency to attempt, it will seem thin of individual soldiers.

article/Wang Liyang

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