To mark the fifth anniversary of the App Srore birthday, 10 limited-time free application and game

tomorrow, the App Srore is 5 years old! July 10, five years ago, for apple and the whole history of the mobile Internet, is a significant day. The youngster some ignorant now has grown to the best quality and most profitable mobile application download platform. It is reported that so far, apple’s App Store, the total number of applications has been as high as 900000, while total downloads broke through 50 billion.

to the App Store, apple is now launched limited-time free download. Echocardiography action, if you are a iOS users, remember when the time comes to the App Store to download the following 10 apps and games!

5 free application: Barefoot World Atlas To walk Barefoot (World), Day One (a diary application), How To Cook Everything (cooking books), Over (a photo editing application), Traktor DJ (music editor application)

5 free game: Where ‘s My Water bath (crocodile little naughty love), Tiny Wings (wing fly foaming at the mouth), Superbrothers: Sword & amp; Sorcery (super brother: the sword and magic), Infinity Blade II (the great sword 2), Badland (evil)

App Store development figure

download application in addition to the launch of free activities, apple also elaborate the record chart App Store five years “milestone” events. In 2013, the application of App Store download amount exceed 50 billion times, apple brought $10 billion for its developer.

simple calculate, you’ll find the speed of the growth of the App Store is so amazing. Is only 14 months, its application download volume surged from 25 billion to 25 billion times. Alone in December 2012, the application of App Store download volume is 2 billion times.