To enter the high-end market, LG will release 8.3 inch tablet

yesterday, LG officially announced, will be in on September 6, 2013 consumer electronics show in Berlin (IFA), launch a new tablet called G Pad.

LG, said the new G Pad will cooperate with its flagship smartphone G2, continue to march to high-end mobile intelligent device market.

LG G Pad specific configuration is as follows:

1920 x 8.3 inch screen resolution;

1.7 Ghz qualcomm Xiao dragon 600 quad-core processors;

5 million pixels rear camera, 1.3 million front-facing camera;

2 gb of RAM, 16 gb of storage space;

4600 ma batteries;

carry Android4.2.2 system, black and white two colors to choose from.

the G Pad will be in the fourth quarter of this year in the first place in North America, Europe, Asia and other regions. So far, we don’t know the specific price of the product.