To enlarge HTC One plus fingerprint identification, had the HTC One, Max

the industry rumors already a long time, HTC will be based on HTC One to launch a larger screen devices, recently received official photos confirmed the series of the rumors are true.

HTC one Max is magnified version of the HTC one. In addition to many fingerprint identification and to enlarge the screen to 5.9 inches, the rest of the configuration like One, qualcomm Xiao dragon 600 processor, the same 4 million pixels UltraPixel camera, continuing to be a aluminum body design.

in order to facilitate the maneuverability of the big screen, HTC has finally put the power button from the top to the side:

unlike the iPhone 5 s, HTC One Max’s fingerprint scanning area behind the phone camera below:

software, HTC One Max carry AndroidSense of HTC revision 5.5, are small upgrade Sense based on the Android 4.3 5.0.

HTC will be held later today conference official launch this kind of mobile phone, and take the lead in shop goods will be in Asia and Europe market, in November in the United States market.

from the configuration, One Max still use Xiao dragon 600 chip, in the current 800 Xiao dragon of the flagship of the published cases, the configuration is not competitive. Hurriedly follow suit of fingerprint identification technology, usability testing is still needed. As One, One to HTC Max’s biggest competitiveness, is it beautiful aluminum alloy appearance.