To appreciate the forthcoming Su Ningyi purchase new headquarters

(editor: liu)

in recent years the domestic Internet companies bring about buying land building boom, a few days ago hunting cloud network inventory report content. Today, is a famous company has a new progress in the Internet.

Su Ningyi bought announced today, with investment of 1 billion, can accommodate twenty thousand people office Su Ningyi bought a cap ceremony of new headquarters building, according to the plan, new headquarters in May 2014 will be completed and put to use.

with suning strategic transformation, brewing building to store business + electricity + retail service mode of “cloud”, Su Ningyi becomes increasingly important role in purchasing, plans to build a new headquarters arises at the historic moment.

Su Ningyi purchase convenient, according to a new headquarters building area reached 24 square meters, the average is divided into the ground, underground two parts, covers the research and development of the IT area, office, commercial leisure area, life safeguard zone, such as multiple functional areas, meet the demand of suning all employees and clothing live line.

skirt part is divided into 12 square meters land VIP hall room, restaurants and high-rise office building. Among them, the high-rise office building area of 89227 square meters, the main building top floor is 9 layer, a layer of experience center for customers, rest area, meeting rooms and related ancillary equipment business, two to eight layer for the open space, nine layers for meeting room and roof garden. And the underground part is divided into two layers, mainly restaurants, cinema, gym, garage life supporting facilities, etc.