To advance the patent: the giant Microsoft $2.3 billion this year, or “extortion” Android producers “protection money”


Microsoft patent operation what general manager John wheeler ( John Weresh ), patent has become a big business, Microsoft that an application for a patent for the company of the United States work for Indian companies.

wheeler of the basis of the above statements are fully. Microsoft as soon as possible to the patents this year into a multibillion-dollar business, most of the revenue from Android equipment used patent royalties.

weiler said, Microsoft a year to apply for the 2000 2500 patents. The task is very heavy, which made him hired 30 full-time staff, and intellectual property from India company CPA Global 100 the outsourcing employees.

“when Marshall Phelps ( Marshall Phelps ) joined Microsoft as Microsoft vice President and chief intellectual property lawyers, Microsoft an interesting change happened in the past decade, “wheeler said,” he really changed the way we treat the attitude of the intellectual property rights, although we have a large number of patent portfolio, but did not actually use, and keep a defensive strategy. Phelps and Microsoft strategy into ‘to create value from the patent portfolio.”

Patent revenue

Microsoft patent can be converted to a business started in 2004 years, when Microsoft Steve ballmer ( ) declared Linux infringed Microsoft 235 patents. Ballmer suggested that Microsoft could Sue Linux manufacturer and user. Microsoft did not submit much action, only in 2009 years suing TomTom , 2011 years suing the Barnes, and two cases are settled. But Microsoft most customers is Linux user, they are not satisfied with the threat from Microsoft, and requires the software giant is looking for a with Linux the harmonious coexistence.

so, Microsoft gave licensing Novell in order to let the Novell Linux get the legitimate use, and promised never to prosecute Novell and Novell Linux the customer. Since then, repass for TomTom action, Microsoft gave patent license to samsung, HTC and Android equipment manufacturers, the open source community to the strategy of Microsoft, between blackmail and taxation. Even so, many equipment manufacturers, has signed an agreement with Microsoft.

2011 years, when Microsoft announced a first 10 item Linux/Android after the patent license agreement, the software giant, said the global sales of the half Android equipment all need to pay royalties. Microsoft announced did not directly get income from the patent license, but will find that after calculating the income scale is bigger and bigger.

a market research firm Gartner is expected, Android equipment will be sold this year 8.6 one hundred million. If Microsoft to half of the equipment to collect royalties, according to the average per unit 1 dollar terms, from this year Microsoft Android equipment in royalties will reach 4.3 $.

the expected certainly lower than the actual. According to the settlement of last year, the HTC each equipment will be paid to the Microsoft 5 $royalties. And Microsoft hopes to Barnes &noble each Android equipment to collect 5 $ 15 $royalties. If the average every 5