Three common sense about Jolla

Jolla the new website, the official use video and read “conference”. Still don’t see any special window. But if you have recently in the domestic media to Jolla reports, can find the following three common sense are wrong about a lot of people like –

a: common sense criticism Jolla pricing doesn’t make any sense to

yesterday to today, seems to be poking fun at most is Jolla new> (there may be listed at the end of procrastination). But in fact the

Early adoptors to pay higher prices is a common phenomenon. What products are the same.

final pricing and 399 there is no inevitable relation between the euro, there is no anyone need to really pay 399 , and Jolla statement is also very conservative – “you ‘ll pay no more than 399 euros”

in addition, the most important point is the – Jolla didn’t let you now pay 399 the euro. Jolla preorder , looks more like a KickStarter type of financing a very conscientious and financing:

to raise three gears, 100 , 40 the euro and free, each with different return content, this is standard KickStarter way. And if you really have good good-looking that 100 returns the class content rather than the sight of 399 it to open to scold, you should have seen the

Booking a limited edition of Jolla phone Premium version of the back cover100 the vouchers, valid until next year 6 on T the T-shirt a The most priority booking status

understand it? This process is equivalent to the

are you sure you want to buy Jolla phone

you lent Jolla 100 the euro, as part of their production funds,

as a return, Jolla give you a T T-shirt and a back cover, and you finally buy a mobile phone is limited edition.

so if you will buy Jolla phone, in this you are to make a your 100 the euro will get full support price, your machine and the back cover will be limited edition, you still got a T the T-shirt.

and, more importantly, this practice, and Mr Luo before paragraph time “by the March 27 support price to buy a hammer mobile phone conference tickets”. Is a kind of can let a person produce good behavior.

and, have you ever seen a few KickStarter project is years began to collect money by the end of the product? Even Mr. Luo, as also for next year? In fact, only Kickstarter to raise this behavior, Jolla should be is one of the most conscience, if they don’t jump at the end of your ticket.

common sense 2: former partner and the N9 , former partner does not necessarily is a good system

yes, this sounds almost the common sense of course, there was a lot of people didn’t make the

a random “ former partner powder” (wonders of the world, incredibly still have this kind of powder ), you will find their eyes former partner