This time, Zhou Hongyi action is slow

the author: Li Ying atlas

Zhou Hongyi is good at higher force, but this time, Lao zhou movement is a bit slow.

recently, Zhou Hongyi WeChat privacy problem, in front of the media industry speculation about 360 might do the same thing as QQ bodyguards to launch a WeChat bodyguards. But haven’t Lao zhou have practical action, such as tencent their mobile phone housekeeping has first introduced the concept of “bodyguard” micro letter.

it is reported, tencent phone housekeeper will hold a conference on April 22, released the new version. Tencent in a new version of this release, including to provide security services for micro letter, test the micro letter landing environment, strengthen the new action for the protection of privacy, the housekeeper tencent escort all products for the future play a role.

micro letter bodyguard, or micro letter butler, should highlight is the core of the stewards tencent phone upgrade.

look from the appearance, tencent in the field of mobile security greatly this year, seems to be borrowed LiWei letter, drive mobile security products. But a deeper analysis, tencent is integration of the underlying security architecture, security software, platform level micro letter products, as well as a variety of application level products, formed a set of its own security and application system of all-round product strategy.

360 launched numerous campaigns in the industry, but in view of the tencent, Zhou Hongyi war incision is safe.

when the 360 launch of privacy protector and QQ bodyguards, has played the privacy and security. QQ bodyguards, tencent panic, mascherano nasty, 3 q war broke out.

3 q before the outbreak of the war, 360 on security software is powerful, and the time of the tencent is already aware of the importance of the software as the underlying security software, also introduced the computer butler. But the maturity of security products in the field of the whole PC at that time and the market share, are weaker than 360 too much.

this time, Lao zhou continued to 360 dozen of tencent, but tencent has been “cunning”. Do you want to push WeChat bodyguards, borrow WeChat force? I’m sorry, I’m to yourself.

associated with the previous apple will 360 product all the shelves, the tencent is obviously in learning apple may harm the user experience and threaten the security of a user’s phone “naughty”.

3 q wars sequel?

but security too competitive. Brand in the field of security, tencent is really worse than 360. User a want to safety in this matter, as long as the first thought of or 360. So Zhou Hongyi want to move WeChat bodyguards idea, have a chance.

while the priest climbs a post, the devil climbs, while the priest climbs a post, the devil. Lao zhou affirmation won’t give in easily, maybe when Zhou Hongyi started before the media talk about WeChat privacy, there is a call WeChat bodyguard east ready in 360.

who is qualified to play WeChat bodyguard? Don’t micro letter is tencent’s products, can only be done by tencent micro letter bodyguard? “You tencent is not open? Security or to 360 security experts to do.” For Zhou Hongyi 嬛 嬛 elder sister can come up with the next attack that tencent.

360 third-party security again at this moment, and neutral image of 360 security guards, with 360 “WeChat bodyguard” face, is also likely to reverse the situation.

from the product itself, 360 security guards with tencent phone housekeeper at present is not much difference. Unless the stewards tencent phone at the same time in the play of the concept of “WeChat bodyguard”, have more breakthroughs in product level.

this is an era of winner-take-all, but the difference is that is 360 with safety bonus? Or tencent in the integration of communications products winner-take-all?

to some extent, it may be a security and communications.

of course, Lao zhou is also a generation of lean, maybe more malicious tips, mighty arm, reverse themselves. For example in lent Lao zhou can learn ma and shi yuzhu, announced his retirement, which on the one hand can make of young people have the ability to rapidly grow up. Lao zhou retirement, on the other hand, also can get rid of 360 years “rogue” reputation, at the same time their retired, free from transactional work, so that we can make 360 a chance to once again in the field of mobile Internet grazing land, unbeaten east.

mobile security and other players, such as baidu and jinshan. , baidu android optimized master of big-money acquisition last year, after the “closed” redesign, is turned into a phone guard, will be baidu defense 360 mobile phones guard and tencent housekeeper at the core.

in addition, there are golden hill mobile phones DuBa also circling the market. Shortly before passing jinshan building, building its own advertising is the mobile phone DuBa outside waving high.

mobile phone security markets, or will be a fierce war. However, prince Edward, who will accompany reading, the last struggle, remains to be seen.

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