This is the high-tech: high-end chip makers four dominant

produce high-end chip has never been easy. And now, as both technology and production capital down to just four of manufacturers, the production of high-end chip increasingly difficult.

chip production factory operation requires millions of money. Just like rocket launch base and nuclear power plants, people can know where they’re and its workings. The factory production of chips is very important. Almost all high-end smart phones, computers, servers, and other key equipment IT all depends on the chip.

, is testing the high-end chip that the minimum component is based on the atomic and molecular level, size is only 14 nm. (for example, a row of 50 a water molecules just add up to the and nm.

can be produced at the nanometer level chip company Intel ( Intel), Samsung (Samsung), TSMC (TSMC), and GlobalFoundries (wafer business , Romania). The GlobalFoundries in 26 , , the goal is in production and profit to become the world’s leading chip OEM manufacturers.

TSMC chip plant

Intel is to build a productive manufacturing plant for its latest research and development of the processor, and for the other two factory is equipped with the same technology. This is a typical phenomenon. So production framework of expensive and complex, the company at the early stage is usually only used in the factory less (sometimes even can only supply a factory). Only if the capacity is enough to support the huge expansion of capital requirements, to open more factory.

until 2014, most of the new electronic products based on silicon components will be used in the factory production of chips, which means that the market will be more than ever dependent on a small number of manufacturers. These manufacturers all over the world, can improve the whole production system on the evasion of the natural disasters. However, the factory production capacity space is not large. Japan earthquake, the world market and apple are found, the current supply chain is too long, and full of loopholes unexpectedly.