This is poor them war candidates The microblogging blows

in the season of graduates to apply for a job again. Weibo for the first time in hiring companies and candidates attack each other, and draws hot case.

event is roughly like this:

a graduates to poor 9 candidates from fudan, after a brief interview, tips company refused to employ. Then the applicant claims by HR tips corporation of shame, and to write weibo with the headline “# in the history of the bunker HR# fudan students poor them thousands of miles to Beijing for interview, interview blasted off midway was HR director of the company are not” letter. The letter at tips of the company’s HR faults. After the candidate ran to tips “rights”, “outside” tips company personnel.

poor them then post long operations director, said the real records the full incident, pointing to obfuscate the applicant, ignoring the fact that for them is a kind of poor.

After the applicant said “write three article tomorrow, 1)” poor them is a very not professional company “2) college students’ job, alert to these seemingly luxuriant appearance, gold content was high premium valuation of the company 3) I season job interview experience in 2011. Hr wanted to write, but hr before meet are very nice, there are about 30 to 50 people, like @ nicozong so no basic etiquette tips hr director for the first time see, the material is not enough. LiZi.”


at present, the two sides, however, openly in weibo to blows.

the incident attracted a large number of spectators, microblogging forwarded comments thousands. Hunting cloud network in fact there is no clear before, do not make any comments.