This decade empire setting sun – antivirus software

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this decade, antivirus industry unpredictable, this is from the traditional antivirus to the Internet based service for ten years. Some people, some things, some feelings, write to share with everyone.

in 2003, about rising fight jiangmin antivirus, jiangmin profits first at that time, rising market share first. In November of that year, zhou in 3721 sold to yahoo, for $120 million. The river deep pockets of the weeks the boss of the described as “the left pocket 60 million, right pocket 60 million”. Whenever someone face to face such a compliment, zhou always performs very humble. Than li also worry for survival at the time, when he is having a full.

the reason from the 3721, is to give everyone a train of thought: the idea of doing 360 weeks not appear out of thin air, a shot in the hit. 3721 business model, a confidence for weeks, as long as the user demand, we will be able to perform. The confidence is very important, if golden hill and the driver can have this confidence, early rising now, not decline so fast, jinshan should also don’t have to sell to tencent.

flowers kam: 2003-2005

after 2003 antivirus is actually very simple, basic business model established, although there is a threat of piracy, but piracy has never been a problem for antivirus, nobody dare to render system security for pirated software. Even if we use piracy, as long as the computer poisoning, immediately darling with the original.

when the anti-virus software is thinking, if in a group willing to spend money to squeeze out more profits. The complex and diverse, including: how to control money, how to manage the channels, and how to manage the list of goods, how with rivals vying for the cash of the dealers. For Markting, main needs: the use of the opportunity, again and again the outbreak do big brand exposure in the media, in the absence of the virus, can do the annual safety report, viruses, data statistics and so on.

in 2003, the shock wave sasser virus, 2004, 2006, the panda, each big outbreak, is an orgy of antivirus software. Regardless of pirated downloads or legitimate sales, are rapidly improving. Everything looks very good, only crisis is hidden in the prosperous time.

fire boil oil: 2006-2008

in 2006 was a turning point. For people familiar with the people, important but this point in time. Starting from this time, antivirus overlord started to decline.

in June, 2006, issued the “rising” kaka, a killing rogue software security tools. The corresponding market background is: spooky: on the market at that time, CNNIC, great small secretary, baidu search (, 3721 and so on “address bar tool” of the user of the computer make a mess, really to the point of widespread indignation and discontent.

at the time, see the market, then launch, kaka is 1.0. Market reaction than people had expected, in almost didn’t do any promotion, only under the condition of using the Markting buildup, download and install 500000 a day, the concept of “rogue software” became popular in a short time.

at the time, the famous vc softbank has contact with rising, intends to make a $40 million stake in rising kaka, make it big. Unfortunately, at that time, the decision makers did not agreed to the cooperation. More unfortunately, because of commercial interests factors, rising kaka has been declared “can be” killing rogue software, but on the user experience, rising kaka can’t killing CNNIC, 3721, yahoo assistant and so on a number of large companies the rascal, which greatly influenced the rising brand in the eyes of the user trust.

the so-called “the greater the hope, the greater the disappointment,” on a high-profile arena, rising up a failed in the paper. Relative, Zhou Hongyi and 360 took the flag, in December 2006, when the rising kaka gradually abandoned by the user, the 360 security guards. Zhou Hongyi bare feet are not afraid of the shoes, even kill myself to make 3721, so it should be belong to the rising of the brand and trust, is a brain perfusion in the 360’s.

360 performance at that time very cunning and restraint, week in constantly communicate with rising, jinshan senior, sometimes in the middle of the text “I don’t do anti-virus, just kill rogue software”. At the time of traditional anti-virus software market performance is very good, still barely any impact by 360.

in 2007, rising antivirus software market and profits reached its peak. The subsequent decline could be expected.

just, for in one of the people, they will use all sorts of reason to comfort myself. Including jinshan, kaspersky and rising high in internal meetings also more than once said “he is a gadget, installed capacity is more useless, you look at our sales, a decline”. (by the way, in the near future to communicate with baidu’s people, are similar in their logic and the logic: we didn’t drop, the market share of so 360 says that the user didn’t believe, so you don’t have to pay attention to him. Don’t cry stand hand, people always see the coffin.

in 2008, rising to shine in the sichuan earthquake in the marketing performance is excellent, it gives everyone a bigger shot: steady growth of market sales. Although some people think zhou do anti-virus, but he hasn’t done, isn’t it, now, to bring kaspersky download, I can talk to him?

when rising, incredibly can advertise in 360, its weird ideas, surprise.

empire went: 2008-2013

a blip rising, not only in marketing, but also on the success of 360 antivirus sniper.

in July, 2008, 360 antivirus public beta. This is the OEM Bitdefender version. Because out hastily, making the user experience is not good, crash, card machine, in the user interface is friendly, are rising and promote their Jin Shanzai market “is not completely free, but to do die, jinshan fee” in the future.

the hustle and bustle for less than a month, 360 antivirus, rising and jinshan continued denial when ostrich, his victory celebration. They thought it was a win, but this time the two sides of promotion focus has changed, “permanent free anti-virus software” was known as a concept, although free kaspersky in half a year before, after unloading due to pack again, actually is also a permanent free, just, you still like the real meaning of free products.

at the beginning of the article I mentioned, the success of the 3721 gave zhou confidence, why? At the time, and had a debate within the jinshan: if 360 is free, what do we do. It is said that the two companies at the top of consensus is: antivirus software takes a lot of manpower material resources, the consumption can’t make it out from the “free antivirus software”, so, 360 free antivirus software must be false, the future will be charge. So all the market strategy and product strategy from the consensus, in fact, their cognitive wrong.

now rising and jinshan has its own site navigation, according to the industry average, each user every second-rate station, can contribute the value of 20-50 yuan each year. This is at the beginning of the traditional software practitioners. You know, the retail price of each original genuine antivirus software also however 100 yuan, and genuine antivirus software accounted for the proportion of the overall market, never more than 30%, a large number of users in the middle of the piracy. Earlier if they can free of antivirus software model gives birth to even a little bit of confidence, also won’t lost so horribly.

failure reflection

1, let the frontline staff call fire. Frontline staff is felt most keenly for the user experience, the effect is felt most keenly in company policy, so ren says to “let the frontline staff call fire”. For rising, jinshan and jiangmin these companies, the industry has 10 years of history, has formed a tradition of top drive, employees perform. In the company, high-level decision-making right, extremely restricts the development of the company. Jinshan or rising, and at this point is not qualified, staff was trained to be screws, there can be no vision, also can’t drive a big enterprise development.

2, top boundary constraints. Are similar in all three antivirus high-level, from the teacher wang jiangmin, jinshan kau pak kwan and lei jun (lei jun says later), and to the rising Wang Shen, are almost all developed in zhongguancun has just entered the industry, the success of the early slacked off their morale, the associations also limits in older people, causing its acceptance of new concepts and trends is not enough.

a little again, the curse is successful. Cursed man many, not only rising jinshan. In fact from a broad sense, the grand Chen tianqiao, sohu zhang also belong to this category. Young success, they race into characters, after the success, or “dao”, or “sit”, leads to chaos. I wondered more than once, if they are not so successful, will escape the curse? I don’t know.

3, top formation of the atmosphere. Here can ask lei jun, lei jun is very hard, very smart, early into the line, the number of people, but the decision circle around restrain his fist, so you see kingsoft, vice President of seven, the jinshan into small old trees grow up. Lei jun his investment company, is each have a window, a failed investment, also calculate have confessed. This fully shows that the environment for people.

4, old disease. There is an old saying, “old want puffed up less stability”, the words used in the company is also. Jinshan and rising, are teens and twenty years “old company”, the meaning of the old company is within the company formed a very strong vested interests, lay down on the list, don’t want to progress, there is no space for new people, make the whole company is dead, the atmosphere is very terrible.

5, and clear out. In retrospect, but the success of the 360 are inevitable in the accident, in any one year in 2006-2008, any of three antivirus companies, if can be determined, both interests, hard working, can have a good situation (jinshan rising, has hundreds of millions of cash account, even if the investment have a similar things, 360 by the original software drainage, also can have a good installation activation). Unfortunately, because of all sorts of psychological weakness, gain and loss balance, abandon the user’s behavior, the expected “reform” did not happen.

finally, draw lessons from field

grand, rising, jinshan, sohu, light no longer, these companies seem to have a variety of similar places. Such as a strong leader, away from the line (strange, ma taobao ok, doubt), such as the formation of interest groups in the company, such as employee blind pride. Hope this sharing, for being entrepreneurial, or plan to improve their benefits.

all in their own industry form the status of “monopoly” company, it is likely to be a loser. Gates said “Microsoft is only six months from failure” is indeed the truth of the truth. Only to be vigilant, away from the failure factors, can be good for business operation.

I personally feel that search may be another industry change will happen. Now its leaders and its the performance of the company, with those losers too like.