Think about mobile phones the world: the three-pillar MOTO out

the author: Phonix

preface: the smartphone era, many mobile phone manufacturers and mobile OS let users overwhelmed, so who good who bad, who save who died? I try to seek some answers with their own eyes, for discussion.

this is an era of smart phones out, want to face this big cake of the participants are many: have a pure OS platform provider, such as creating WP8 Microsoft, throw Firefox OS Firefox, kill into the mobile phone market in Ubuntu; Has simple hardware manufacturers, such as LG, SONY and several focus on Android, HTC WP8 and Android devices, while nokia chose to focus WP8 platform.

here also have with software and hardware integration dream giant: apple leads the smartphone market with iOS and the iPhone, Google Android and Moto try combination of software and hardware, and blackberry with Z10/Q10 and 10 system struggling blackberry, samsung outside into the Android and WP8 Tizen also attempts to build their own systems.

you can see that the smartphone melee is intensifying. So, finally to survive and how much? I think, in the competition of mobile ecosystem, and only the iOS, Android, and WP8 can form the top, and relying on the ecological system of apple, samsung and nokia will become the biggest winner.



apple iPhone 5

apple iOS and the iPhone

the first thing to mention is that apple and iPhone, as leader of touchscreen smartphones, many topics have no our simple: in 2007, apple launched the first generation of the iPhone; 2008, apple’s App Store is launched; Three days before 2010, listed on the iPhone 4 sales to break the 1.7 million m…

however, technology does not exist forever overlord, after the launch of the iphone 5, apple drama began to plummet, stock prices fell below $500, media accused apple innovation and sales voice is heard less than expected. Apple really become technology “rotten apple”? The truth of course is not so!

although has the problem of insufficient innovation, but the iPhone star phone still not weak in market; Keep update frequency existing two more (or even a year), the iPhone’s hardware will not lag behind and intelligent hand machine market; With the App Store and iOS, apple still ahead of the competition in the ecological environment; In addition, considering the user’s habits, I think, the future market will be lack of the apple.

Google Android and samsung

if apple iPhone’s leading smartphone touch era, and with this hit the symbian and Windows mobile operating system, then Google’s Android is crushed symbian and WM last straw. With the Android’s openness and high-quality Google online services, Android successfully seized the dominance of the smartphone market.

unlike apple, Google Android is composed of many mobile phone manufacturers, whether it has been the Google acquisition MOTOROLA, once occupied the top Android HTC, SONY Ericsson, LG and so on handset makers, are concealed by the light of samsung, samsung’s Galaxy series of mobile phones on the market’s performance even better than the apple iPhone.

however, Google Android and samsung have their own problems: Android because of open source, fragmentation problem difficult to solve; Due to the manufacturer’s personalization, Google android also lack of control; Security and privacy issues are also plagued by manufacturers and users. And for a manufacturers such as samsung, if Google decided not to open the Android, may be due to a fatal blow.

in the market, we can see: samsung has been trying to make Tizen operating system; MOTOROLA after acquired by Google, has been developing XPhone rumor is, apparently Google and samsung have concerns about the current market situation, at the same time also with the larger ambitions, but considering all factors, I think Google Android and samsung as alternate partners active in the smartphone market for a long time.



the company 920

WP8 Microsoft and nokia

before powerful apple’s iOS and Google Android, nokia and its rival Microsoft chose alliance: nokia CEO “burning platform” memo in front of the ear of judah; Vice President of Google “two turkeys become an eagle” taunts and WP8 poor market share now, let us see the difficulties faced by nokia and Microsoft WP8.

, official figures show the company nokia phones last quarter it sold 5.6 million units, compared to the samsung Galaxy and apple iPhone or there is a big gap; Due to the lack of support for 1080 p WP8 manufacturers such as nokia only crossover of Android mobile phone products; And lack and WP8 application such as similar sets a low quality problem, also restricts the user input WP8 camp determination.

although difficult, but Microsoft and nokia WP8 is not devoid of hope: Microsoft WP8 offers users a third option outside of iOS and Android, especially those who can’t stand the Android insecurity and fragmentation of users; Although the application of ecological is still weak, but Microsoft WP8 does have formed a complete chain, need now is a perfect and development process; With the okefenokee, photographic techniques and design skills, will attract many users, need now is the accumulation of time.

all in all, in apple’s iOS and Google Android cauldron of market environment, WP8 unique user experience with Microsoft, Microsoft through the idea of doing + WP8 + cloud “, in the application of efforts and experience, and nokia WP8 Microsoft and nokia in the smartphone market has its own position in the future.


Google Xphone conceive figure

other participants

Ubuntu although into the mobile phone market, but just open source is enough to open the market, according to industry insiders, Ubuntu mobile phone operating system currently cannot guarantee the smoothness of the operation, not to mention the lack of ecosystem; Firefox OS while get the support of many operators and mobile phone manufacturer, but too late time to market, on the basis of the characteristics of development of HTML 5 and low-end market, I don’t think they can have a big as in the mobile market.

the Android camp: samsung dominance, in product configuration and industry chain competition, at present has not seen a vendor to rival; HTC SONY have good design, marketing, however there are large gaps between; MOTOROLA is Google acquisition, haven’t come up with a persuade our users to buy mobile phones; As for zte manufacturers such as huawei, international market also has its own problems difficult to solve.

look at WP camps: nokia with pictures and unique personalized applications held the dominant position of the WP. Chose a dozen soy sauce samsung has almost been forgotten; HTC launched many WP8 mobile phone, but in the WP camp position as awkward as it in the Android camp, such as huawei, let a person feel more participants than competitors.

look at blackberry and samsung Tizen: the former proud of mail service and full keyboard in today’s competition is no longer scenery, new blackberry operating system can also be difficult to attract the user’s eye; Latter Tizen more like samsung chips and reserve posterior, it is hard to expect Tizen can carry the banner of the challenger.

last said MOTOROLA, as the former king, MOTOROLA’s trajectory to sigh, layoffs, and slow speed of new product launch, it’s hard to believe that MOTOROLA can with XPhone kill back in the mainstream market, perhaps a MOTOROLA for Google contribution strength, which is the huge patent property.


the market competition is like a stream, not to advance is to go back, whether it is now a leading apple, Google and samsung, or in a challenger position of nokia, Microsoft and HTC, want access to their market are constantly innovation; Users always expect more optional, this is also in the challenger to position the manufacturer’s power and hope.

at the current market, I still mentioned above: in the competition of mobile ecosystem, iOS, Android, and WP8 can form the top, and relying on the ecological system of apple, samsung, and nokia will become the biggest winner. As users, however, I more hope form the hundred flowers market situation, also hope that the market for me a big box on the ear (smile).


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