There is nothing wrong with Mr Luo about millet: launch of red rice

red rice millet technology launched cheap machine trigger cell phone ring, including view, millet red rice is a spectacular ChouQi.

Ceng Tao of the personage inside course of study thinks of red rice is a kind of mistake. “Lei jun in the conference and twitter are explicitly stated” red rice “is different from the” millet “independent brands, but from the four elements of the brand: brand name, brand identity, brand manifesto, brand publicity,” red rice “and” millet “did not do a good job in brand. “Red rice” this new brand evolved into “millet” brand extension, and led to the “millet” brand dilution, the millet brand brings about adverse effects. Obviously, “red rice” brand planning failure from the start!”

zhang bing of the personage inside course of study thinks “all brand extension from really easy and from low to high, however, consumers are hard to agree with Michael LV bag or meters/bonwe export, and it doesn’t matter whether the Internet. This red rice brand went right, down from a millet but brand area lies between fuzzy likely to annoy millet core users: feel rotten millet brand was made.”

the industry for bad-mouthing red rice, hammer technology’s founder, he also published their own views, think red rice millet is the right decision.

this is Mr Luo blog:

the personage inside course of study says redwood damaging the millet “born to fever” high-end positioning so ChouQi is step. This is ridiculous. Millet has always been cheap and fine prick silk machine, which come of high-end? “Born to fever” is not high, is a clever marketing tool: let can’t afford to buy high-end phones and peer young people to buy 2000 piece prick silk machine think “I don’t have no money, I just bought it because is enthusiasts millet.”

and millet also very professional to give 800 yuan cheaper models used to “red rice” brand, with 2000 pieces of “fever machine millet” apart, how can damage millet fever machine positioning?

actually, lei jun do millet company go today, luck is very important, but in ways that he has the ability to control, (he doesn’t have the ability to do that part of the don’t talk) almost every step is not wrong, this is the key to the success of millet.

this circle fool first by big companies such as apple and samsung dry region, then turned toward the next thing to thoroughly dry dead their emerging company said “even if we beat samsung and apple, also not you? How can you develop so fast? You don not, this line is not so fun, you do too amateur… Your sales figures must be fake!”

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