There is no free lunch: talk about online advertising and moral integrity

the author: Zheng Jun

the word suddenly thought of moral integrity.

Facebook recently few messages is very interesting. First introduced the Android Home screen used Facebook Home, in a way of curve occupied the Google Android platform, but zuckerberg made it clear that can insert advertisements in the flow of information. Then, Facebook launched a British pilot service, fans paying a few pounds can send messages directly to a celebrity, no matter whether to focus on each other. This week’s news more interesting, according to media reports, Facebook will launch similar this summer video website automatic video ads, each charge $1 million.

“moral integrity, moral integrity?” See netizens have lamented, it seems that Facebook is from hackers spirit “utopia” to unscrupulous business tool, the feeling of regret that is see pure eyes gradually become middle-aged uncle generally wretched. Well, when he started his early, Facebook, zuckerberg is strongly opposed to launch advertisement on the website, because it can make products not cool, with MySpace and Friendstar similar position. When Facebook just a surge in start-up period, does not need advertising, also can have the vc lined up to the door to send money.

but now Facebook is advertising revenue, eighty percent revenue still comes from advertising. Website on the right side is all kinds of advertising, the advertisement in information flow, they still want to all kinds of means to the user fees, zuckerberg even at first hand, earlier this year launched a $100 directly to send direct messages to his business.

advertising has nothing to do with moral integrity

but Facebook is that there is no moral integrity? Internet advertising is really a disaster?

of course not. Though Internet economy belongs to the virtual economy, represents the most advanced productive forces, but it is still largely dependent on the real economy to achieve revenue. In the Internet age, the real economy requires using the virtual economy, to realize the maximization of economic benefit.

the current Internet companies to provide various services to users, and ultimately revenue mainly through two ways to achieve. Sales of digital content, or through membership services, revenue from users; Through advertising, pattern, or will be connected to the real economy and as a consumer of netizens bridge, advertising fees to advertisers.

advertising is the tie and connection of supply and demand is the bridge of the virtual economy and real economy and docking, the driving force of innovation is the Internet. If there are no ads, Google won’t grow from a search engine for $200 billion silicon valley giants, were less likely to global billions of Internet users to provide Google search, Google maps, etc. Series of free services, research and development of less strength free Android mobile platform.

there is no free lunch. Even the early Internet companies to provide free services to attract more users, enhance the user viscosity; But a company to continue to develop, we must get rid of the support of venture capital gold, find effective business model, must obtain the company’s future growth of the money. The final solution is still only two: the user fees, or through advertising fees.

to users, or pay for membership, enjoy no advertising or more value-added network services; Or they have to accept the advertising, let Internet companies get revenue from advertisers. Of course, advertisers money also is indirectly from consumers. Of course, there are very few Internet companies still insist no advertising strategy, as wikipedia through raising financing, provide users with a clean and pure. Wiki page is not appeal would appear, Internet users voluntarily through Paypal channel such as contributions from the site operations.



huang xiaoming version of online advertising, imitating the classic film scorsese “raging bull”

the cause of the aversion to advertising

accept advertising is to support the sustainable development of networks, enjoy free service better, believe that Internet users can also understand this truth. Why do the netizens hate online advertising? Is nothing more than two reasons. When appropriate to advertising, not affect the user experience; He didn’t want to see the advertisement, can’t stand the inferior goods itself or the content of advertising.

affect the user experience of advertisement, is typical representative cover content display and automatic broadcast video advertising or too long. Some websites in order to sell more ads ads to get more revenue, body content and add into the display advertising on its website, the user needs to wait for a few seconds or manually turned off to see the content. Need to come up with is that it is not just the domestic patent website. Forbes, the famous American media to mobile devices access interface must first enter a advertising, Forbes manually click into the website to see the body content.

even subscription media website, also can have display ads. The old media, the New York times digital readers need to pay $15 to 35, but also need to accept the advertising on the site and mobile application. Content is the deciding factor, however, the New York times digital subscriber has been steady growth, issued last season’s income is more than advertising revenues for the first time.

video advertising is the most headaches. Friends often complain that no matter how long the video, have to stand up to 15 to 30 seconds of advertisements. Want to watch ads, it will have to pay for membership. But, in contrast, the United States Youtube video ads can choose to skip after 5 seconds, provide users with more options.

a few years ago I played at the Wall Street journal “Chinese”, joined the cisco website once on the news page of an automatic video ads, and video voice is not closed. Talked how to list of sales department, and I don’t know. But after a long time, the reader through the web site message, phone calls and emails etc all kinds of ways to file a complaint, the editor was almost flustered and frustratedly demanded an immediate down this advertisement on all pages.

the current widely used social networking sites in stream join way of advertising. Reading in users join in the process of advertising, has become the norm for Facebook and Twitter, the microblogging has begun to gradually in this way, it remains to be user acceptance process. But now users can complain, flow of information is not advertising, but advertising in the goods.

good advertising several types

what is good online advertising, is the advertising of Internet users are willing to accept? Can be attributed to the consumer can choose, interactive, and they would like to see, elaborate advertising content.

in addition, can bring actual benefit to the consumer advertising people happy too. Amazon Kindle mobile platform products advertising for discount strategy is quite successful. Consumers to accept the e-reader or tablet advertisements that appear on the home screen, can save a few dollars. Most hard-nosed consumers chose advertising version of the product.

a consumer shall have the right to choose the advertising to the consumer to customize the advertisement, take the initiative to choose they want to see the contents of advertisements in advance. At present this type of advertising is still in exploring stage, amazon, Tmall electricity is the best platform to try out this kind of advertising.

interactive advertising, advertising is no longer the traditional point spread across the street, they become a point-to-point transmission way. In an age of social networks, advertisers have through various social platform directly to the audience, advertising content two-way communication with the audience, and promote the dialogue communication between the audience and the audience. Let users involved in the process of advertising communication, advertising it, perhaps this is the highest state of advertising.

consumers are willing to see the advertisement, is accurate advertising. Internet companies after get the user accurate data, according to the data analysis, to the user to push their interest and would like to see the contents of advertisements. This is the most interested in advertising the main current of advertising. Facebook, taobao is the industry leader in this field. In a sense, the data is Facebook and alibaba is the most important assets.

exquisite advertising content, let the consumer can enjoy; The inferior content of advertisement, will be a sudden mood worse. Youtube video ads, most hd quality and beautifully made, many movie trailers, even after 5 seconds, still let people the idea of having to continue to watch. And domestic video advertising, not only for a long time and content of the good and bad are intermingled, in stark contrast.

make it mean everything

when it comes to exquisite advertising, think of an advertising company in China. Maybe you don’t know their names, but no han, huang xiaoming, wang Dan’s series of online advertising, thought that Edison endorsement dell super this, wang shi promoted global advertising, you must have heard of. Distant mountains advertising name is hidden behind the familiar hot ads.

remember the first time I saw huang xiaoming online advertising, is to be moved, even if it is imitation Martin was nabbed Seth classics “raging bull” the great at the beginning, but it is still a shock.

mas carney country knight intermezzo already as “the godfather” and “raging bull”, “the day with bright sunshine” and other classic movie became popular, but as huang xiaoming, “yes, I’m not acting method” readme background music, the twilight of the tragic melody certainly greatly enhances the atmosphere rendering.

huang xiaoming, like Robert DE niro, shook his fist on the ring of empty loneliness and sweat. The German poet (he’s classic “which have a triumph, survive means everything”, it is the atmosphere to a climax. If the audience didn’t seen that movie. Thirty years ago such ads, even if must read every time, don’t offend.

is inversely proportional to the advertising and moral integrity? – too – set.


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