There are four different meizu and millet Millet would be swamped

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as a rapid rise in recent years both domestic smartphone brand, meizu with millet, because the artificial river lake feud between the two, people who share the same and the marketing pattern, makes all the people who pay attention to the Chinese mobile phone market growth, now bring the two companies to do the comparison. It also greatly regret a: why don’t the meizu make persistent efforts, learning millet way using the Internet to sell mobile phones and to build another “the phenomenon of meizu” in China? And most of people think like this just jack simple to make a choice, meizu world different from now on.

psychosexuality this most people just wishful thinking. If meizu really chose the same pattern as millet, for meizu may would be swamped.

The first:

product positioning of meizu and millet is completely different.

although we also see the meizu and millet is fan culture and community culture to marketing their products, but they have one of the key differences: their product culture is completely different. Meizu is a soul jack craftsman spiritual pursue perfection quality of cultural products, and millet in lei jun this crazy old man fever entrepreneurial fever hardware culture for selling point of the product.

by artisan quality of meizu, if you are on the hardware and in a fever of millet the same way, must rely on with millet averaging for exposure, the end result will gradually break up might be to their own advantage, finally dragged himself.

because, if the meizu down price war with millet, strict attention to industrial design of meizu how to competing with focus on the performance of millet? In the battle between would drag down the meizu proud of high specification design, thus affect the brand image.

The second:

meizu and millet target groups are completely different.

target groups are like meizu and millet are hardware enthusiasts, but the target groups have very big difference. By spirit as the core quality of meizu, from product positioning have already decided on his target population is sensitivity to industrial design with strong hardware enthusiasts. Fever to usurp the role of culture of millet, in fact, more is to use the 1999 low prices to attract some hardware knowledge value users, they treat the appearance, have more room for compromise. Therefore, the loyalty of the little rice vermicelli is much less than the meizu.

the real hardware enthusiasts, whether the meizu or millet, they will definitely save, all of both win.

than meizu crowd positioning more accurate, the goal of its rise 500 yuan price very consciously segments with millet, avoid vicious competition. Cooperate with timely favourable activity at the same time, and sometimes get a stirring millet target population, increase publicity, attract new fans, enough to ensure the steady growth of the enterprise.

the third: the meizu lack of millet powerful Internet resources.

as a labor model, lei jun, the Internet is not only a golden hill’s chairman, also as angel investors to invest in a series of well-known Internet companies. At the beginning of the establishment of millet, lei jun in the department of Internet is comparatively mature products, not to mention its contacts in the Internet industry for many years. And meizu is different, in the Internet industry is almost zero, the accumulation of flyme has vowed to start from the in-depth cooperation with each big Internet giant enterprise, to launch a variety of customized software and function. But it was only just released the latest version of flyme3.0, its effect is little, cooperation is not more than ten products, far less than millet.

the profit pattern of Internet can excavate potential, but also more dependent on the hardware are not good at control the meizu. Internet star products such as sina weibo has not profit, but also can get a large amount of investment. Not to mention itself is angel investor lei jun, flexible operation of risk, making for the healthy development of millet, this is to let the meizu off areas.

4: millet has a strong professional operation team

millet was the right person.

1 just launched in millet, millet mall has been set up, there is no entity stores costs down, can rely on the Internet to sell mobile phone with all my heart. At a time when the meizu, there is a large national chain stores costs; Two basic unprepared in the online store; Three millet model success at that time, many people still hold to sceptical. Meizu have steady the development prospects of low risk, really don’t need to take the risk.

and then millet of many public relations crisis broke all the way, is all by lei jun, top professional marketing team, with rapid response capacity, finally through the dangerous phase of millet, finally won the success. Can say the success of millet, is more of a marketing success. From now, jack is more good at technology and design, such as millet, highly sensitive marketing ability, meizu still does not have.

and then follow the model of millet company are many, and who made it? And meizu to jack disdainful of character, as a marketing company, from the beginning dead band meizu freedom of public relations crisis.

so, meizu millet pattern won’t be able to go, also don’t have to take the existing good brand image to take the risk. Risk and combines the Internet thinking, professional operation and millet top public relations and marketing team, also is not simply a question of the Internet to sell mobile phone model. Meizu product positioning is very clear, is very different in essence with millet, eager to hope he become upstart like millet in a short period of time, the probability of success is hard to guarantee, may be losing concentration; Two tend to deviate from their original brand image, put himself into a dead end.

about the future:

the meizu although do not have millet the many advantages of resources, cannot like millet with four two dial one thousand jin qiao, in a short period of time to make them get exaggerated brand premium, but the brand image of meizu for years, enough to ensure its steady development. Although the meizu marketing team is not strong, not much accumulation in Internet, but perhaps that is its advantage, he can calm down and better precise positioning, can not deviate with the best Internet companies to reach a cooperation, create a more intimate functions, to more than one way to establish a new Internet rules.

just released flyme3.0 has begun to remove the strength of the jack, users have more want freedom. At MX3 conference, misia guarantee and Internet giant cooperation as soon as possible, also let we sincerely look forward to, perhaps in the near future the meizu will be successful joint each big Internet companies offering an “meizu department”. Perhaps in the near future, the Internet will pay more and more attention to the meizu flyme open to other models.

and has successfully into the Russian market experience of meizu, with its unique screen ratio, mature and distinctive UI and industrial design, may be marketing story more convincing than millet, easier to enter the international market.

and will soon be coming era of wearable intelligent equipment, industrial design characteristics of its more flexible, more need to pay attention to industrial design company, meizu such to “seduce” people determined to buy, like apple has experienced the accumulation of the ipod, complete the turn that iphone, meizu will every top on wearable devices? This is the meizu’s opportunity.

from the millet mobile phone to the millet and millet box, now talk of laptop, television and video games. Believe as hardware enthusiasts, lei jun will with his Internet thinking, high level of risk control ability, will own merchant features developed to get incisively and vividly, step by step to hardware with software, selling hardware with software, will be highly integrated products. Finally gave everyone a “millet” of highly integrated hardware and software. Just, lei jun how to make their marketing story in the international market to overcome the water, the vivid marketing such as drama, it is one of the few professional marketing tutorial class. Friends and I are ready to the bench, waiting for follow-up reports of a love triangle.

in the future, is limitless!

overall, meizu, unlike millet because of its core values, the vast difference between the internal resources, and the mobile phone market rapidly changing external environment, make the position of both have difference. They should and must be steadfast to walk yourself’s road, to establish oneself in the ever-changing digital industry firmly, in great changes in industry rules can be flexible, to be able to jump out of the fortress of the mire of vicious competition, each other in an impregnable position.