The Yanks on huawei, zte, don’t buy things in China

Beijing time on March 29, the morning news, according to people familiar with the matter said on Thursday that the U.S. government is seeking to network equipment procurement regulation as Japan’s softbank corporation approved proposed $20 billion acquisition of mobile operators to Sprint Nextel companies in the United States the prerequisite for the deal, it seems only to stop huawei technologies co., LTD., and other Chinese suppliers to enter the American market.

America’s attitude toward China network equipment suppliers exacerbated the tensions between the two countries, both sides has been in debate for computer hacking charges and trade issues. In October last year the U.S. house of representatives intelligence committee report said huawei and ZTE corporation (ZTE) its Chinese counterparts will pose a threat to national security, the reason is that the two companies producing equipment may be used for espionage. China’s ministry of commerce immediately Peng blow for the report, said the report a violation of the free market principles in the United States, the ministry of commerce also warned us that it will be the cooperation between the two countries.

, according to people familiar with the relevant parties are to the discussion of the terms, in order to Sprint trading can pass, but the United States government is expected to require the enterprise when buying for their core network equipment previously notified the U.S. government. If the U.S. government worry about buying behavior could threaten America’s national security or public safety, these companies must be cooperation.

a person familiar with the matter said, for fear of violating trade rules, so even if the U.S. government restrictions on any product, they wouldn’t specify for huawei and zte. Softbank’s home market in Japan is used the products of huawei company. , according to people familiar with the U.S. government will not be explicitly given veto. But U.S. officials never hide to huawei and zte, they are now trying to ensure that the two Chinese company produces the product will not become a critical part of America’s telecoms infrastructure.

a communication with the Sprint of person said: “must find a way to express ‘don’t buy anything in China this meaning, but don’t put the words out.”

softbank and Sprint declined to comment on Wednesday. When the deal announced last October, softbank and Sprint’s chief executive, has admitted the concern for the United States to China suppliers. Softbank, according to people familiar with the matter and Sprint are willing to when building telecommunications network for the United States to abandon the use of huawei and zte products.

translation: tencent technology