The world’s richest man music radar application prospect of Shazam bullish on its advertising investment

Shazam is a music recognition software, open the application of mobile phones is to broadcast music source (TV, radio, etc.), collected about 10 seconds of samples, and then through the network will be sent to the server, audio band after analysis can identify this song. Including the song title, artist, album, distributors, and other information will feedback to the application. Shazam the current recognition is very high. Now can find music not only, still can find television (TV), etc.

Shazam recently won the world’s richest man, to a Mexican telecom tycoon carlos slim (Carlos Slim) lines of 4000 investment dollars.

slim investment Shazam is bullish on the software prospect of television advertising. Shazam executive chairman Andrew fisher (Andrew Fisher) said in the interview, the company’s advantage is the ability to connect the traditional media and mobile media (TV, radio). The television (TV) business will greatly exceed the music business, this is also part of the investment.

it is alleged that unilever, procter & gamble and other famous brands have begun to use in North America Shazam advertising services, the company has through the TV business revenue of tens of millions of dollars.


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