The world’s most innovative companies is how tempered?

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in recent years, the world’s leading supplier of CRM solutions founder and CEO, mark? Mr Benioff (Marc Benioff) has been in the promotion of “social enterprise” (social enterprise) concept. In a social enterprise, employees, customers and consumers through social network together. And at the beginning of this year will be to redefine the concept of “Customer model Company” (Customer Company).

according to us Forbes magazine web site reported that mark? Mr Benioff’s always been a man full of sense of mission. Founded in 1999,, benioff hope companies to reconsider how to buy enterprise software products. At the end of the “software” calls for intensified, is introduced based on cloud computing technology “software as a service” (software – as – a – service) products, and compared with traditional software vendors compete suite upgrade slow, its competitors including oracle.

benioff said, including Toyota, Burberry (Burberry) and general electric, corporate clients should rethink how to listen, participation, and to today’s mobile and social sex is extremely strong consumer customers with new products and services. He also said that it is not exaggerated marketing hype, but products, purchase, and even the core of the recruitment strategy.

in the Forbes list of the world’s most innovative companies in the top spot for the third year in a row at Benioff has accepted the “Forbes” magazine editor Connie Guglielmo interview, below is the interview content abstract:

q: “customer type company” really mean?

benioff: we are witnessing a whole new world. Now more than 5 billion mobile phone users will soon become 50 smartphone users. Smart phone’s appeal lies in its providing highly interactive experience, and people will also by smart phone contact to all types of content, and complete the business activities. This means that you will face 5 billion customers. We will have been known as consumers because they consume content, media and products. But these consumers will become the company’s customers, via smartphones, companies and consumers will be transformed into customer relationships. So, you need to have to keep in touch with the 5 billion customers the tools and services. Now the company how to do it?

q: have you ever used a few years time to think about how to become a customer type company, also mentioned how Toyota CEO akio toyoda, fly to find you in your holiday, consult you this technology innovator of Toyota’s development direction.

benioff: indeed, akio toyoda, asked me a question: what is the future of Toyota?

to be honest, I’m not a study or a Toyota car industry experts. The world is changing, and is one of the largest engine to promote the change of science and technology, mobile and social networking is a top priority. You have to do is to seriously study the Facebook, Facebook users has reached 2 billion. Therefore, I asked you a question: if Facebook friends have reached $2 billion, so why don’t you under a named Toyota “Toyota friends”? You should make this car is different, such as car it will be a cloud, a car for collaboration by mobile phones, a strong social sex of the car. This car will be able to with its production factory and the dealer for real-time voice interaction, and able to communicate with other drivers. The car can also voice communication with the driver, and give the driver real-time feedback. This is how exciting moment!

akio toyoda was stood up, said: “you are said to my heart.” He really felt this incredible creativity: his company need party to keep the same with development, namely to cloud computing, social networking, and mobile three direction. He had followed my advice, and start to cooperate with us for a research project. He even suggested that we (should) buy digital information services subsidiary of Toyota’s Toyota Media services company (Toyota Media Service) of stock, we now holds a 10% stake in the company. He has also developed a new concept car, called Toyota Vii does this car into the social and mobile elements.

become “customer model company” the eight questions must be answered before the

q: so is how to help their clients to become a “customer” type company?

benioff: in the past few years, we have accumulated costs about $4 billion for more than 20 companies. Through a series of acquisitions, we gain the greatest wealth is to join innovators, creativity, and entrepreneur. They brought very big effect to the development of the company, so we must change our product line and expectations for the future development direction, we must always be updated on Called Dreamforce held in November this year’s annual meeting, we will launch a enough to overthrow the new products of existing products.

q: so, the future development direction of is beyond the scope of a software vendor?

benioff: customer needs us to provide them with consulting services and comprehensive solutions.

q: you have a lot of external acquisition, some trade has achieved great success, but not others. How do your acquisition strategy?

benioff: I have a clear understanding on the development direction of the world, so I will try to use all the resources to implement my understanding of the world. As for is by creating your own or external company acquisitions, I don’t mind. This depends not only on the company, but also depends on the people, resources, ideas and content. Everything to help to achieve goals is completely successful.

external acquisition actually need to bear the high risk, because you will acquire a company that does not belong to you. It before without your culture, your employees, your products, may not be in the same city with you or do not belong to your industry. But after that, you will own DNA into the acquisition to the company. If you want to buy, you must regard it as a kind of innovation. There will always be failure cases in the deal, but you have to accept it, just like you’ll accept failure as an innovation of the company.

when you buy a small and medium enterprises, the highest risk, because they are in the early development of company. In addition to talent and creativity, you really don’t know what can be harvested from these enterprises. You can’t even sure, whether can get a company has a stable revenue. Therefore, in the past five years by the vast majority of acquisition, we value is not a target of growth potential, but through the acquisition of how to improve our understanding of the whole world of possibilities total body.

q: what is your most recent acquisitions spent $2.5 billion merger the ExactTarget cloud marketing platform providers. You said you have every confidence in the success of this deal. Why is that?

benioff: the market need a links the customer and the enterprise platform. I call this one-on-one customer platform. I have this kind of associated products for the market the company were studied. This product can be a toothbrush, it can also be ExactTarget existing customers of the product, such as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 consoles. The reality is that we will enter a more customer contact (touch – point) era, the way that is in contact with the customer in surge, but also in constant change and evolution. For companies such as Toyota or news group, no matter in which corner of the world, these firms need to keep long-term relationship with customers.

when I see ExactTarget after the process of how to convert consumers to customer, I found that this is consistent with the future goals of ExactTarget it is completely out of the marketing point of view, and we have from the perspective of sales and services. This is what we think that the next generation of requires.

in the deal, we really focused on ExactTarget’s growth potential, because we want to enter the field of marketing. In the next 24 months, our marketing product line will bring $1 billion in revenue for the company, because we have the ability, through a unique and exciting way to integrate the marketing assets. As a company, our goal is to become a “customer”. When you want to contact with their clients, you have to type the company to the customer to ask for help. This means that you must do sales, service and marketing.

q: in terms of integration of the acquisition to the team, how about your success?

benioff: this is we have been efforts to achieve goals. Measure standard, I believe, all depends on how we integrate ExactTarget success, because it is a top priority.

we hope to create the future. The future is not now, so you’d better ready to update themselves and constantly changing the rules of the game.

source: tencent technology