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at the time of New Year’s day holiday this year, for the first time he heard a investors say now PE and vc from bullish to popular O2O e-commerce. Kai-fu lee teacher also said at the annual meeting of the “business value” O2O. Initially I really not feeling of O2O. O2O referred to as “online guest, offline trade” or “offline guest, online trade”, but the success of the O2O case also is less, amazon and 7-11, the rise of group-buying websites and the downhill, it is difficult to let people see very bright prospect. Send generation, however, recommended by the netizen tao careful road net chen-hua wang, founder and director of operations Zhu Gang joint creation of articles about O2O caught my attention, especially Zhu Gang in pie generation net has been continuous wrote six article discussion on the O2O model series, such as the O2O, only taobao, tencent and the ministry of railways can play “, “O2O online payment, what to give users a reason”, etc. For group purchase mode, the public comment on the net, etc., Zhu Gang made a more in-depth analysis, all but Zhu Gang stressed group mainly refers to the group-buying services as well as behind when the order of magnitude larger market. Mobile Internet and payment is also the focus of the O2O Zhu Gang observation, and I have other point of view.

a, O2O exactly? Here I bold underground definition, O2O is manufacturing and services via the Internet, the Internet of things industry integration is realized. This integration reflected in product line, service chain, and the convergence of credit chain. Group is now deals with an emphasis on service products, e-commerce is electronic commerce, is the physical product is given priority to, in the last article “everything: Meituan net 100 billion targets to achieve?”, I have realised that the next step in the electronic commerce is the product + service + group. Chen-hua wang and Zhu Gang actually put forward a point of view, distinguishes between O2O and a bulk O2O to form in service sector credit chain, let service enterprises like taobao shop merchants pay great attention to user comments, and establish guarantee mechanism of a kind of online. But, more important is the question of product line, the fusion of service chain and credit chain, otherwise very competitive service industry itself, without the introduction of the third party benefit mechanism, to accept the service sector is O2O difficulty is very big. This means that you need to put a put, the problem of credit chain first look at the front end of product line and service chain how to merge, if both can effective fusion, add credit chain will follow.

2, the key of the O2O operate in the whole value chain. In a recent study of wahaha, galanz, such as top grade discount when case we found an interesting phenomenon, wahaha and galanz started with a domestic trade and started with a foreign trade and the effect that all category, all channel management. The top grade discount as the emerging business mode emphasizes the whole channel management, offline online prices and services, continue and complete channel, complete category management. This means that the development strategy of manufacturing and retailing all roads lead to Rome, but I am suspicion or even negative attitude to this, the reason is that apple is not all channels, all category management, why has been a huge success? Nokia all channels, all category management (nokia and jingdong mall also has strategic cooperation), but why nokia’s setback. Here really need to brush up on the “blue ocean strategy”. The “blue ocean strategy” is actually the whole value chain management of a summary, but not the whole value chain concept is put forward. The whole value chain is not pursue a lot, but the pursuit of product line, service chain, and the organic unity of credit chain. Apple is a typical of the whole value chain, the samsung is a whole industrial chain company. This determines the lighter and more flexible market, apple and samsung is a heavy assets of the company. The whole value chain is a kind of cross-border integration company, such as apple’s art gene is because Steve jobs had to invest in pixar, understand the pixar, this kind of cultural enterprises. Jobs also starting from the ipod into the music industry, learn how to build a share the business model of the economy. So finally have the ipod – iphone – the – the product layout of iptv, its intrinsic value is sharing infinite applications. Electronic commerce is a kind of whole value chain business model, and the whole channel and the whole category of management thought OUT very much. And cut into the traditional enterprise e-commerce doomed begins O2O, value chain in manufacturing industry and service industry value chain to accurately find the node, and the Internet and Internet of things is two application platform, holds up the layout of the whole value chain.

three, O2O the whole value chain management case in where? Friends will ask, say so, where is the case? The whole value chain of O2O business model can not easily. The electronic commerce fast is slow, slow is fast. Only O2O patience to build the whole value chain of the electricity business can survive, find a blue ocean of e-commerce. Here or give some hints, “curtilage economy”, the leisure economy, an aging population and health needs are important rigid demand. Electrical contractor need to study now is starbucks, rather than the amazon. Need to study is the phoenix legend, rather than China good voice. Need to study is a sustainable business model, instead of me to bring their own salt.