The weather – the new UI design playground

(translation: famous)

review in 2009, when John Gruber had on his personal website praised “”.

it’s a good s, almost every week new Twitter third-party client release, each has its own unique feature. ,,, and so on, these third-party client constantly bring mobile interaction design innovation, such as Tweetie invention “drop-down refresh” model is most of the information flow application reference).

but most valuable ideas in this article is from Loren Brichter introduction:

Twitter third-party applications is one of the most wonderful places the user can very easily from one application to another application. Only need to input the user name and password, and then walk!

then everyone knows: the story of Twitter tightening its own API policy. The client was incorporated (Tweetie, continuous) or die. Playground no longer, but into a territory controlled by Twitter, in each platform to provide a unified experience. , of course, there are still some new third party client, but prices rising, development and maintenance a third-party client risk spurt, slow down the whole field of innovation.

a lot of designers and developers for the weather. App Store with a wave of such application, they are in their own way to answer the eternal question “what’s the weather like today?” . As Twitter third-party clients, we also can be easily applied in different weather between caper, only need to enter a zip code or make application for your location information can be.

is my favorite, and, in addition some of the same laudable,


, or

even apple itself are built into the application a good weather.

these applications show the many wonderful visual and interaction design, greatly changed the ordinary weather forecast reading experience. If you are using one of these applications, then let it rest for a moment, in this piece of paradise UI design linger!!!!