The Wall Street journal will push LinkedIn social networking platform

Beijing time on June 1, The morning News, according to The science and technology, blog TheNextWeb reported after Myspace’s defeat, News Corporation (News Corporation) is a subsidiary of Dow Jones (Dow Jones) program in its flagship product, The Wall Street Journal, The Wall Street Journal) platform to build social networks like LinkedIn, let users can not only read The News, also can show their resume etc.

the dow Jones company CEO lux? Fenwick (Lex Fenwick) said: “to build a social network platform can increase user stickiness, allows users to stay on the site for a longer time, at the same time the company can also master a large number of data on the user’s interests and concerns, to help advertisers advertise more precisely.”

to build the Wall Street journal of the biggest highlights of the social network platform, is a called “WSJ resume” (WSJ Profile) of the new features. Users can register their own account, and create a resume. In dow Jones show simulated version of the WSJ resume (probably this version is the final version), including contact information, work experience, profiles and education background, and LinkedIn forms are very similar, which with the Wall Street journal readership Mainly business people.

in addition, users can also send direct messages, after registered accounts have upload results and blog articles, and other functions.

WSJ is expected to resume function will be released in the next few weeks, but Fenwick has yet to show that the function is to release in different regions in turn, was released at the same time in the world.

this is a significant transformation, the Wall Street journal or the company can bring rich user data. These data will be able to let advertisers advertise more precisely, increase the user clicks, so as to help the company improve advertising costs.

of course, the premise is the social platform to be successful. News corp paid $580 million to acquire the Myspace social network platform of was all the rage, but in the end, in June 2011 to $35 million will be sold to the United States Specific Media online advertising network.

at present, the Wall Street journal subscriptions and social function combination, efforts to achieve sustainable commercial mode. But whether the social platform will become a LinkedIn, competitors, and whether it can really bring valuable experience for the user, it remains to be seen.


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