The Wall Street journal: sales of blackberry Q10 has hit bottom


Q10 phone has completely lost in business, at least in the Wall Street journal opinion . Keyboard sales of equipment “bleak,” daily quoted executives and retailers that Q10 not can achieve. “We have no market for Q10 , phone tends to be return back to the hands of the blackberry “, a have 16 home Verizon authorization of factorial dealers said. Make a unnamed Canadian operator needs words make sounds more dire situation: “ I think we are thought is the savior of the Q10 , has hit bottom and died.

the Wall Street journal is the story more than hearing, and the lack of detailed data, but it may be true: the blackberry to a breakthrough in the personal smartphone sales. In the last quarter, blackberry admitted BB 10 shipments (not sold) only 270 department. North America major carriers Verizon and AT& T to Q10 sales declined to comment on , but far less obviously things such as blackberry CEO hines and his colleagues .

7 month, the company in a disappointing first quarter again after the earnings release, fired the head of the U.S. market. Q10 to defeat the already? The Wall Street journal, don’t want to give a decisive judgment, but the fact is that no one for this phone. Blackberry’s diehard (how much is left blackberry die-hard fans?) for the favour of a physical keyboard, but may be Q10 a small screen and lack of application of ecological system scare.

we have to ask the blackberry for comments, if any response will be updated.


related: at the end of April the blackberry CEO Haynes media interview said: