The Wall Street journal, Google is developing game operating handle, smart watches, the new Nexus Q

according to the Wall Street journal, Google is developing video game based on Android operating handle, smart watches as well as an updated version of the Nexus Q. Professional personage analysis, indicating that Google is trying to broaden their outside smartphones and tablet dominance, and actively into hardware manufacturing. In addition, in the light of the apple was the legendary iWatch, smart watches, and other fields have the potential to become the future hand-to-hand battle.

Internet research firm IDC, according to a study recently currently carry Android smartphone and tablet market proportion, has accounted for 75% and 75% respectively. In addition, in this year’s Google I/O conference, Google announced that the current global Android device has more than 480 million units, and is growing at the rate of new 1.3 million units daily. Further pointed out that the Wall Street journal, the above hardware devices are manufactured by Google. Rapid growth and expanding development, indicates the Google is based on the comprehensive build Android mobile Internet ecosystem.

foreign media on The Web of science and technology, points out that if these reports are true, then The behavior of Google to expand their business scope of hardware, will The existing hardware manufacturers bring huge market pressure. Google video game will directly impact Ouya operating handles and shields, etc. The company’s products. It is reported, Ouya issued just a week, almost all retailers in the hands of products have been sold out.

the Google glasses made extensive attention, now that Google smart watches is regarded as a direct challenge to apple iWatch. In addition, as have login Pebble, the future may also be affected by the Google products.

experienced by the media with god, and because of the “jump ticket” heavily criticised the Nexus of Q, also in Google new hardware product production plan. It was officially became “a new generation of social communication media player” product, currently only provides a developer preview. Don’t know if the future we can really had the opportunity to see the long-awaited product available.


, the Wall Street journal reported the story a bit, but given that it is the authoritative media, us or them. Xiao yun’s readers think Google will be a smart watches? Believe it or not, xiao yun not too letter XD