The upcoming Google comedy “IT intern” what story?

, according to foreign media reports on the background of Google Hollywood comedy “IT intern” (also known as the “got kicked intern”) will be released on June 7th, Google invited some media and people held a watch, mass media revealed some interesting.

Google deeply involved in the film, its a lot of products can also got a chance to advertising. The audience see in “IT intern” Google products include: driverless cars, samsung this, android, Google + video chat Hangouts, Gmail, Docs (online document processing), as the leading role of the search engines is also included.

but the media also said to see the apple MacBookPro, but the film did not appear in the Microsoft products.

Google co-founder sergey brin, don’t give up the rare opportunity to appearance. He appeared in the movie twice, each have a line. Brin is obviously played a soy sauce.

Google customer service hotline (GoogleHelpline) appeared in the movie attracted the attention of the film is. In the film, interns are required to help solve the problems using Google products.

however, almost all dealt with Google knows that Google is not so a customer service hotline. Media mocking said, if there is a customer service hotline, so Google and search engine, created the miracle in foreign hidden hotline number.

the search industry long-term DannySullivan observer, said in the movie a fictional customer service hotline, may be a points to Google.

the Los Angeles times revealed Google to help IT intern, such as Google employee ACTS as extras, helped design the title until the end of the list.

in terms of technology and the combination of Hollywood, Google is only a newcomer. Around the Facebook founder mark zuckerberg, for example, there has been a famous won an Oscar for the film “the social network”, Hollywood films about apple’s soul jobs and as many as two.