The UC merger insider: ali baidu kicked out!

the author: chang gung

on April 27, has been since June last year the industry wide attention baidu buying UC event has come, the end result is to increase its stake in alibaba UCweb, original investors morningside exit and came to an end, and in the last 1 year UCweb stake battle, alibaba won.

there are, according to people close to the deal after morningside venture capital exit, alibaba the though not acquisitions, but will become the largest shareholder. The other said, baidu out there are three main reason.

the first is UCweb in 2009 when the last round of financing had received from alibaba, morningside investment with lianchuang source three, a total of $12 million in financing. Alibaba shares held some UCweb, since 2010, the two sides have cooperation in multiple business level. Compared with baidu, alibaba and UCweb walk closer.

followed by the board of directors of the alibaba in UCweb, strongly opposed to deal with baidu, progress in delay the acquisition of baidu, and to try to persuade morningside venture with lianchuang source.

third is UCweb in a fight with baidu alibaba price is higher. Each other, according to the domestic VC industry is so tight this year, most VC are racking their brains to consider how to exit, and alibaba to UCweb higher valuation, listed on the UCweb outlook remains uncertain, baidu bid too low today, alibaba’s stake for UCweb VC exit provides the best choice.

although close to the deal did not reveal details of the amount of alibaba to take larger shares in UCweb, but alibaba said the increase of the main consideration is the snipers baidu bid.

baidu had mastered the Chinese Internet, the PC flow UCweb as the country’s most popular mobile browser, monthly user coverage of more than 70%, for baidu, in the mobile Internet strategy after repeated setbacks, hope through acquisitions UCweb in PC and mobile terminal control flow, but baidu alibaba does not want to see in the mobile Internet.

what you pay to take larger shares in UCweb for more than $5 billion in cash in hand, the alibaba group, is but a drop in the bucket, but it can achieve the investment weaken competitors and create their own entry system in the mobile Internet.

it is understood that the snipers and baidu to take larger shares in UCweb is only alibaba plunder mobile Internet traffic entrance step, the future will still be around to make acquisitions or strategic stakes in this field.

source: sohu IT