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Ecological harmony concept
The growth of natural objects requires a good natural environment, and the healthy growth of human resources also needs a loose and harmonious social and ecological environment. Modern education advocates that educational activities should be regarded as an organic ecological whole, which includes not only the affinity, harmony and harmony among teachers, students, classes, practices, elements and methods of education but also education Activities and education of people living facilities and cultural atmosphere of the collaborative interaction, harmony and unity, the harmonious and harmonious spirit of education in each focus on the organic elements and links, and ultimately the formation of a unified education ecosystem as a whole, so that the healthy growth of talent The required soil, sunlight, nutrition, moisture, air and other factors have a harmonious resonance, to achieve ecological harmony and education. Therefore, modern education advocates “harmonious education” and pursues the overall construction of an organic “ecological” educational environment so as to achieve the goal of teaching and educating people as a whole, managing and educating people, serving and educating people, and educating people in the environment so as to create the most talent growth Good ecological zone, promote the healthy and harmonious development of talent.
Systematic concept
With the advent of the knowledge economy and the arrival of a learning society, lifelong education becomes a reality. Education is one of the most important activities that accompany people’s life. Therefore, education is no longer just a matter of one-sidedness with the school. It is not only a matter of personal growth, but also a major event of social progress and development. It is a matter of universal improvement of the quality of the entire nation. It relates to the construction of spiritual civilization and the coordinated development of the two civilizations It is a complicated social system project composed of many elements and involves many industries and departments. Therefore, it requires the universal participation and joint efforts of the whole society to do a good job. Therefore, different from traditional education, what is being formed in our country during the transitional period is a kind of social education system. It needs unified planning, design and integrated operation under the guidance of the concept of system engineering in order to cultivate people’s learning ability and enhance people’s Survival and development as the goal, based on the coordinated operation of all departments within the social system and the overall linkage of the various departments within the social system, to improve the healthy operation of the education system by taking the sound social network of education as the central task of the educational environment And orderly development to meet the urgent needs of the learning society for the development of education.