The top ten ideas of 7、8

Open concept
Today’s era is an era of unprecedented liberalization. With the ever-changing science and technology, the information network and the globalization of the economy have made the world increasingly an organic whole that is more closely linked. The traditional pattern of closed education is broken, replaced by a new type of education in all aspects. It includes the concept of education, the mode of education, the openness of the educational process, the openness of educational goals, the openness of educational resources, the openness of educational contents, the openness of educational evaluation and so on. The openness of educational concepts means that ethnic education should widely draw on all the outstanding educational thoughts of the world, and the theories and methods are what I use. The openness of educational methods means that education should follow the path of internationalization, industrialization and socialization. The opening up of educational processes Sexual education should extend from academic education to lifelong education, from classroom education to practical education and information networked education, from schooling education to community education and social education development. The openness of educational goal means that education aims to continuously open up people The spiritual world and the creation of potential, and constantly improve people’s ability to self-development, and constantly expand the space for human survival and development; openness of educational resources refers to the full development and use of all traditional, modern, national, world, material, and spiritual , Reality, virtual and other resources for educational activities to activate educational practice; education content refers to the openness of education to the world, the future, facing the modernization of education and teaching links and curriculum content, so that the content of teaching materials from the closed , Rigidity becomes open, vivid and more realistic inclusive and novelty; education Openness means that the price of breaking the traditional evaluation model single text exam education, more flexible evaluation system and mechanism and establish a diversified education.
Diversification concept
Modern society is an increasingly diversified era. With the highly social structure, the increasingly complex and ever-changing social life, and the diversification of people’s values, education has also shown a diversified development trend. This is first manifested in the diversification of educational needs. In order to meet the requirements of economic and social development, personnel specifications and standards inevitably require diversification. Second, they are characterized by diversification of educational bodies, diversification of educational objectives and diversification of management systems. Thirdly, they are also characterized by flexibility Diverse forms of education, educational tools, standards for measuring the quality of education and human resources, and more. All of these put forward higher requirements and challenges for the design and management of education and teaching process. It requires flexible design and management of educational institutions and departments according to different levels, different types and different management systems. It is more in line with the teaching practice of education Flexible teaching and flexible management mode, advocate for the development of education to provide more relaxed social policies and regulations and public opinion atmosphere, in order to promote the prosperity and development of education.