The three musketeers baidu hardware is coming! Small WiFi, small degrees routing and small TV

hunting cloud network on September 12, after the media exposure are closed wearable devices Baidu Eye, Baidu also make attempts on many hardware. Latest news shows that baidu will launch in the near future the WiFi, small degrees routing and small TV three product. Among them, the small degree of WiFi comes to accept booking today, at a price of 18.9 yuan, the other two products are “tips for the recent launch”.

from the point of the site of exposure (), baidu’s will these a few hardware brand as a “small”, WiFi, small small degrees degrees routing and small TV also known as the three musketeers, the slogan for the “let freedom, casual preach, do you think”

a small degree of WiFi is similar to “360 portable WiFi” of a product that can be inserted into the deployment of WiFi is connected to the computer. But the volume is more partial dexterity. Data show that high generous respectively 28 mm, 17.5 mm and 10 mm, weighing about 4 g, there are two blue and gray. From this day began to accept reservation, price is 18.9 yuan, it is much cheaper than 360 portable WiFi for a dollar.

it is important to note that in addition to the function of the website display, small degree of WiFi seem to have other functions, website prompts “please look more mysterious function.”

a small degree of routing is located in “dedicated slice router high-definition movie fan”. From the point of presentation materials, has a remote control, simple operation, TV and wireless file sharing and so on several big characteristics. It is important to note that the router when projected onto a TV film of resources should be combined with a small degree of TV.

a small degree of TV is a hd movies playing artifact, even on the TV to watch after baidu cloud and video in the film, and can be remotely operated with cell phones and computers. And support the Miracast agreement, can put the phone’s screen projection on television.