The tesla electric vehicle replacement battery just 90 seconds faster than oil

according to foreign media reports, the industry’s leading electric car manufacturer tesla recently for hundreds of electric vehicle owners, illustrates the rapid replacement of battery technology for electric vehicle, for the Model S replacement battery electric cars, the whole process only 90 seconds, less than the time required to fill it up with a case of gasoline in half.

tesla CEO elon? Fastest Musk says Elon Musk, the company will be built at the end of 2013, in power stations, first in California and then in Boston and Washington, construction in electrical service station.

in the process of demonstration, a Model S electric cars drove up on stage, the drivers don’t have to get off, then an automated device first disconnect the Model S electric car battery, remove it, and put on a full charge the battery pack. At the same time, the video synchronous display tesla an employee at a petrol station is said to be in Los Angeles go fastest cheer for a car. After 93 seconds, the electric car battery replacement is completed, the car is still in the gas and the gas station. Then an electric car demonstrates the process of rapid replacement battery, took 96 seconds, less than for the same car with a full tank of gas and time, fill it up with a tank of gas and need about 4 minutes.

musk says, replace a battery pack cost about 15 gallons of gasoline is equivalent to the local cost, however, the service will provide users with more convenient. In addition to save time, the driver also don’t have to get off. This technique replacement battery pack is fast and convenient, in addition, after the owner can also return to switch back to ourselves fully charged battery pack, however, need to pay for the same battery replacement, will be about $80 to $60. In addition, tesla will also depending on the degree of old and new users to replace battery conversion charge a fee.

horse tusk said, each in electrical service station construction costs need $500000, at the same time equipped with super charging equipment. In the future, each in electrical service station will reserve about 50 pieces battery pack, users without reservation, but increases with the increasing to change. Besides, according to the demand situation, tesla will also change the electric service station equipped with more battery pack. In electrical service station will use already installed recharge battery charging infrastructure, the future may also use solar energy to charge the battery pack. A battery charge takes about half an hour, and the owners do not need to undertake any charging the cost of the equipment.

when the electric car is still unable to become a mainstream product. Musk said: “for us to convince people to buy electric cars is very important. Users must be able to feel they can like driving fuel cars since by driving the electric car, don’t worry about the battery without electricity. If they need to go somewhere, they can go. In fact, still can arrive faster than driving fuel car.”

the first in electrical service stations will be built along California’s interstate 5, on the road there are many Model S electric vehicles back and forth between San Francisco and Los Angeles, later will also in Boston to Washington’s highway construction.

in addition, musk also responded in the challenges from the recently held meeting someone, someone put forward the city using the tesla electric cars could not find the problem in electrical service charge. He pointed out that in urban areas, replace the battery pack is likely to be the final solution, he also in urban land tensions, for example illustrates this.

in the future, tesla may permit third direction provide replacement battery service, as long as they don’t discount level of service.

source: tencent technology