The tencent north American big layoffs: 40%

morning news, on May 14, according to sources, tencent north American team has completed a new round of layoffs, downsized workers about 20 people, accounts for 40% of the total number of employees in North America. It is understood that after the job cuts, tencent in North America only retain local business development (BD) team. analysis points out, that means tencent in North America over the past few years a series of game studios “rapid and radical” acquisitions or ended in failure.

at the same time, the Japanese manufacturers GREE social games are also recently announced the closure of the China office, all employees severance, cooperation between tencent and also was suspended. At the same time, the former lay-offs are underway in North America.

in fact, tencent and GREE also announced job cuts in North America reflects both left behind in the field of mobile game:

1. Tencent is a series of acquisitions in North America are mainly concentrated in the field of traditional client games, ignore the social entrepreneurial companies.

2. The rapid development of the intelligent mobile games market makes end market is shrinking, and tencent will also own strategy to WeChat open platform, acceptance of third-party developers, and GREE is facing such a crisis.

3. Due to the complex internal integration process, the takeover of the team usually it is difficult to have good performance in innovation development, this may lead to the missing games market development trend.

it is understood that after the job cuts, tencent north American team will no longer take any product development function, and comprehensive to QQ and micro letter of business development and investment in mergers and acquisitions.

source: sohu it