The tencent challenge started shanda literature “against” the first shot

on May 29, hunting cloud network

a few more days, Chinese flee executives wu the starting point of the new project creation will be officially launched, with “10 years of team more understand reading” as the slogan, vowed to “create a new world”. Original site in a quiet period, only to be unveiled, however, an online news search and visits to jump in.

yesterday afternoon, sina weibo netizens revealed “network literature” said in a news release, the original starting point Chinese founding team members rory was detained for taking bribes to resell copyright, the reason is that shanda literature reporting rory suspected illegal economic activities.

and immediately caused a sensation. Surprises in the industry is not only the person’s founding team member, he is in the wave of unrest before starting point with wu chose, for creation in the detention of the “register” head of the Chinese website. More importantly, he was chosen by wu as cooperate with tencent’s representative. As planned, tencent will hold a conference this week, disclosed to the outside world tencent in the strategic layout of network literature.

although rory arrest and the reason has not been creation has confirmed, but now has basically can determine from various news. For reporting, shanda literature has no comment. And wu to this report only referred to as “rory no sign that agreement with grand.”

it happened in the Chinese website is online, why so strange? Pointed to the shanda literature more suspicion, reason is deliberately.

it is well known that earlier this year, the starting point of “chaos”, the founder of wu led executives and core editor, author, collective, and shanda literature CEO xiao-qiang hou “fury”, is both parties, thus make an enemy. Finally, after Chen nodded, wu and other formal resignation. However, due to the object chosen tencent, shanda literature more “angry”.

why rory?

rory, claim to be dark in his left hand, resulting in the industry to “grandfather hand” proportionality. He co-founded China fantasy literature association in 2001, 2002, who helped create qidian, participation in decision-making started commercial operation pattern development model and copyright. He published, head of the center position for a long time, will be entirely responsible for starting the largest, the most valuable works published, authorized operation business, successfully develop and operate the “ghost blows out bestseller” bullet “and so on works.

before departure, he served as starting point Chinese deputy general manager. The starting point, however, did not refer directly to the person in the “chaos” storm. Because he back in February when it from the start to resign, which is then “chaos” of nearly a month before the storm.

at the time, the aftermath, including shanda literature inside a lot of people also was surprised for his sudden departure. Shanda literature reading wireless marketing director Yuan Ting said too suddenly, shanda literature xiao-yang fang, associate director of the mobile business marketing wish for the future. The starting point and the Chinese vice President, senior director of shanda literature of zhou ym only said “surprise attack”.

still, then it is closely related to the things. Hunting cloud network by querying the Shanghai administration for industry and commerce, public information creation Chinese smell affiliated with Shanghai kai information technology co., LTD., the company is wu et al., on April 16th, 2013, the legal representative’s name for Zheng Qinfang, site person in charge is rory.

why not by the legal representative wu? This is because he in from the starting point of departure, signed “‘ no agreement” with shanda literature, leaving a certain period of time, are not allowed to be engaged in the business competition with shanda literature. In order to avoid risk directly from the law, the company registered legal representative can only choose to others, but the core decision-making power is still in the hands of wu.

the rory really was because it is unclear how copyright was arrested for taking bribes. But it is undeniable that the current domestic market network literature exists the problem such as monopoly, corruption and hidden rules. If I do exist problems, combined with shanda literature internal settle old scores, it must have the reader can understand the truth.

another reason is that disrupted the planned launch creation of Chinese. It is understood that the site was launched in early June, because accept the tencent investment, and operating frequency “male” tencent literature section, creation on Chinese equivalent to alongside tencent this mine, and the old club qidian competition up to have bottom spirit. Obviously, this is not a shanda literature would like to see.

in this case, rory became the first “renovation” object, as represented by xiao-qiang hou shanda literature and to the victim of the conflict between wu team. Inform against rory, is only the first action that shanda literature. Wu team in the last one? It is bad judgement.

tencent’s third challenge

how do you comment on the current business environment? Xiao-qiang hou said in a recent media interview, the environment is competitive, no rules, didn’t solve the problem of piracy, the business environment is very poor, again see you, do the other people all want to upset you.

he said so, it is implied that tencent, baidu, the two giants. After all, baidu library, post bar, and many other resources of piracy that afflict, shanda literature Tencent previously on original power, make acquisitions to shanda literature launched two challenges, is now the third time, the difference is that the more fierce.

after adjustment, overall business layout unification by tencent tencent literature interactive entertainment business in the charge of the group. Business has covered tencent reading channel, social reading platform based on the QQ space QQ reading, reading platform (QQ) and WAP mobile phone reading used QQ to read multiple platforms such as resources, become a tencent pan entertainment strategic power is the next one of the key.

a huge platform resources and capital advantage, has basically have the capital to the grand challenge, is lack of professional operation personnel and the author team. While shanda literature of seemingly chaotic internal management system and the public has no hope, seems to tencent “corner overtaking opportunities.

in addition to bringing external advantage power, tencent literature is based on the generic strategy of entertainment value, resources will be used in games, film and television, listening, radio, etc., adapted for stage, even the future tencent literature is not limited to its own development, will also for m&a, penetrated into different fields.

today, tencent reading literature has nearly hundred million users, and cooperate with mobile reading in the base, with its own quality books content. Plus is the strength of baidu, ali, the siege of shanda literature trend intensified.

shanda literature crisis

the so-called trouble happened at home, in addition to the external competition, internal cause is the real decision towards the key factors.

the first starting point, after shanda literature, the differences arise the original tone. Starting point after 2004 is full acquisition, founding team although retained its management of the company, but no equity.

shanda literature was founded in 2008, xiao-qiang hou airborne as CEO. But shanda literature in succession is basically parallel with qidian xiao-qiang hou between wu and frequently controversial about company strategy. But with the acquisition of shanda literature and will become the starting point of the parent group, the relationship between short relief, but did not solve the problem of the essence.

xiao-qiang hou last year said in a media interview about wrong lessons, shanda literature, a subsidiary of dispersion regime, originally fragmented in wireless, copyright operation, lack of efficiency.

but then permissions recovery action is the starting point of founding team strong rebound. Helpless, lost the wireless operator, copyright rights to the third party cooperation, film and television derivative copyright rights, etc., the starting point is sold on the Web page of text, sinking into the predicament of “hollowing out”.

under the failed for years against the grand group, wu team has also put forward such as MBO, but should really be discussing price. With almost no listed company shares, in the short term, these people finally germination announcement.

after wu and others ran away, xiao-qiang hou also quickly taking remedial measures, including raising the author welfare, fill executive vacancy, etc. At the same time, the big group began to strengthen. In addition to the original grand project management, senior director of literature Zhou Yiming transfer qidian, deputy general manager, cui wei, director of the agent the original grand group COO as starting point.

it is reported, cui wei in addition to reporting to xiao-qiang hou, also report directly to Mr Chen. Industry speculation that, due to the starting point of the turmoil, xiao-qiang hou’s fall from grace “in front of Chen, no longer be able to fully trust. The starting point and cui wei was more directly to take over the operation issues.

however, due to xiao-qiang hou achievements in recent years is also very obvious, status should be temporarily safe, shanda literature of monopolies in a short period of time will not be broken. At the same time, the company is also actively explore a new pattern of products, such as joint YY to launch “beauty anchorwoman reading” boost revenue such as live TV.

however, specific to the eyes, shanda literature still need to accumulate grain high walls and strong must live for tencent. Predictably, network literature market this year is not calm.