The tencent bells have been closed or due to conflicts of interest with WeChat developers

according to tencent insiders revealed, tencent’s wireless site system “wind” has been closed, as for the “mobile” the cause of the shutdown, the source told reporters not revealed.

reporter on August 29 afternoon open mobile home page ( and found a notice: bells at present belongs to the beta, is convenient to inform you formally external. The 2013-7-29

we click on “start site” also showed that has not yet opened permissions, please contact us. But the reporter called the fixed telephone, and no one answered.

it is reported, tencent mobile system is tencent’s first official letter development tools. Through the mobile system, developers can be based on WeChat website construction. The system has tencent network media business group (OMG) Belongs to the research and development of interactive advertising departments, tencent once declared that interactive advertising department, weakening push WeChat 5.0, enterprise customers more by construction push service in the form of “web site”. That is to say, tencent mobile system, can be referred to as “WeChat website”.

why tencent fengling nipped in the bud?

we found that mobile system, which will cause many serious protest, micro letter developers because they think that the tools and their nature of work. A WeChat developers said, if the wind chimes in accordance with the existing design development is complete, then include these big companies, China, China southern, McDonald’s can be abandoned their WeChat tools, switch to the OMG this tool. As a result, both the enterprise and WeChat developers losses are huge.

reporter believe that it is because tencent fengling system adverse effects on the parties, tencent pain decided to shut down wind chimes. Tencent, of course, this is another sign of a move: encourage the development of it based on WeChat development.

source: China network