The swords of zhou this “safe” how long can also dance?

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360 mobile phone assistant borrow the name of security today launched the enhanced version of unloading function, the launch has caused an uproar in the industry. Zhou Hongyi in micro bo said, “pre-installed software is a mobile phone cowhide moss, some pre-installed software is very bad, non-professional user does not know how to remove, can only endure. 360 mobile phone assistant provides uninstall pre-installed software tool, completely operation by users themselves, not for a company.” Millet, jinshan, baidu, tencent and other Internet companies, as well as mobile phone manufacturers such as zte, huawei, samsung all lie in the gun.

determine whether as rogue software only standard only “user needs”

don’t know how to be baidu map of 360 mobile phone assistant decision for the rogue software, we are planning to travel routes, query the real-time traffic, finding favorable restaurants and deals, in a strange place to find a path, the LBS and map has inevitable relations, map the basis of some degree on his mobile phone has become a necessary tool. Millet insists triathlon: software, hardware, mobile Internet, only millet shops and beautiful miui together this is a complete ecosystem, millet has so many fans because of the ecosystem’s sincere love, no brush beautiful miui users mobile phone should not be difficult to express more millet shops. Now we use WeChat time more and more, but the mobile phone QQ is still one of the necessary software. WeChat can’t received the news from QQ group, which means that the mobile phone QQ is still irreplaceable. 360, even the mobile phone QQ to “advice immediately uninstall,” if a big uninstalled mobile phone QQ, I want to ask 360 should use what software to communicate with friends in the QQ group communication. And Google some basic services have also been reminded, not described one.

for many small white users won’t download software, mobile phone has some pre-installed software is very necessary. Useless for users to clean up the system of rogue software, this could actually win customers word of mouth, but the problem is that software which belonged to the rogue software should not be determined by 360 mobile phone assistant. If the pre-installed software is as part of the cell phone service, in order to enhance the overall use of the mobile phone experience, in order to improve their product added value and competitiveness in the market, and is essential for users, that can be called “psoriasis”? Here I want to ask a few questions: 360 for the sake of users, the induced why users to install a variety of software, including 360 browser? For the sake of users, the reason why to uninstall the millet shop told? For the sake of users, why 360 uninstall pre-installed software without receipt of the notification by yourself? The presence of retaliation suspected of competitors?

get back to business, 360 launched “uninstall enhancement” really is for the sake of users, many things here, but as a spectator, still need to analyze the strategic intention of 360. In my opinion, the targeted 360 is very strong, the main purpose has 3:

one: control system layer, application for more control

a product can be an entrance, on the one hand, to see whether the number of users enough, on the other hand you need to be able to control users, users also have enough dependence of product. Download the application, must be equipped with the app store, 91, pea pods, 360 mobile phone assistant is one of the best. Clear memory, put away junk messages, you must use the mobile phone management products, such as tencent security steward, baidu guards of the typical and 360 security guards. Browse the web, you must want to use to mobile phone browser, like UC browser and mobile phone QQ browser. Free instant messaging, texting, it must use WeChat, fetion such tools. User specific needs in the very great degree only through certain types of products to meet, such products can call entrance.

is different from PC, both iOS and Android security permissions are the same, software and other software on the phone all permissions in the operating system. 360 mobile phone assistant with enhanced version uninstall function actually to put it bluntly, is want to be on the PC 360 security guards, to compete for more control on the application of the mobile phone, hope to be able to become between operating systems and mobile application level of a super application. So that you can use the user’s authorization, attached to the Android system, running in the background to assist in 360 mobile guards management program process, direct management other phone APP, becomes in the entrance to the entrance. A simple example, phone installed at the same time two functions similar products: sohu news client and netease news client, sohu has cooperation with 360, while netease didn’t. Originally netease user experience relatively sohu do better, but 360 through the background control allows users to only receive a push message to remind, sohu open sohu becomes higher frequency? The user’s habits slowly in the process that may subsequently and change. Control applications, and control the user, thus become architecture on the operating system’s entrance. This kind of behavior is exclusive and to alarm rivals, who mastered the, other can’t come in.

second: to take over the small white users, reshuffle offline channel

phone pre-installed is an important means of many developers to acquire new users, in my opinion is divided into two main methods: by mobile phone manufacturers pre-installed and root through the flash tool. Mobile phone manufacturer preinstall the became a mobile phone manufacturers an important source of profit, this road is mainly compete is economic strength. 360 relatively, tencent and baidu are clearly in extremely unfavorable position. Go the second flash root is the only choice, 360, on the one hand, some third-party flash tool, on the other hand, rely on the 360 client strong binding effect, to provide users with a key root. Now the problem is that most of the small white user is deleted won’t flash it’s own mobile phone software pre-installed, see flash on the market a need to know how much the market cost 50 yuan of hot. There is no doubt that the importance of the offline channel to capture a user’s mobile phone from the start, it makes competitor to enter. Imagine if your cell phone to buy back the inside have a housekeeper that tencent security, would you still go to install 360?

360 the most core of many of them are small white users directly into the mobile Internet era, they do not know how to flash root, pre-loaded on the mobile phone is a competitor’s software. 360 advantage at the top of the PC could not play out completely. And 360 can’t pre-installed channels into offline mobile phone manufacturers, (some netizens to the blackout can know shenzhen there “offline” channel, then in addition to the high cost of other family with, and digital own reasons, seem to be had a big deal, then basically flash industry couldn’t even touch digital) so hope that by 360 the “enhanced unloading function” KO all the manufacturers pre-installed hard money do, to reshuffle preinstalled offline channels. This competition through offline channels accumulated advantage, overnight crumble.

three: against rivals to develop security industry guidelines

3 q war, asymmetric Zhou Hongyi, remade itself into the weak, to fight against longer odds judo tactics, making 360 the company’s position about the huge promotion. Only can compete with tencent company on the market, the title is also an important concept in second year can be listed. After the failure in the acquisition of sogou, for 360 is an urgent need to find a concept to support their stock price. This time millet into war, deliberately provocative manufacturers of anger, causing joint siege of illusion, and played the weak position in the public relations, impress the media. Its fundamental purpose or for the next step by using the user name standing on the moral high ground, and from the perspective of the security and privacy, spread its “security” concept, thus further against opponents.

360 on Internet security conference recently put forward the concept of “security”, its fundamental purpose is not to go to the security, but to to 360 as the leading Chinese Internet security industry standards. The 360 war with several giant at the same time, the greater the volatility, the greater the influence of 360, the more users are affected. In this context, and it will probably make the mistake 3 q war: the intervention of the state apparatus. And the result is relevant departments rely on 360, with other manufacturers designated security industry standards. If I have no wrong, elder zhou is a big flag next.