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note: this article is licensed mobile make fun of hunting cloud network published

last night, we received a log.

a starting point for insiders, send us a copy of the text. This is what he tells the story of, also is the another of the so-called insider tells.

he is a unity of the work, due to the more vibrant company and experience earthquakes, collapse and regretted.

this is his personal journal, in order to record this turbulent period, but after written but find no place for delivery. Had originally planned to on his blog, but there is fear recognize, be familiar with colleagues or friends after communication with mobile ridicule, he decided to take the text to us.

mobile poking fun at team discussed carefully, and the consent of the parties at least default license, decision will be announced in the text. Although this paper length is not long, language simple and even some repetitive, relationships between paragraphs is not compact, but still we can see that there is injustice, have lost, helpless, have lost, have anger, more with the outside world media on different sounds.

it is important to note that the text seems to suggest that, in the starting point of the civil war, founder group, shanda literature, group three parties have different roles and positions.

this article in full as follows, in addition to the necessary of the most simple annotation, we did not make any changes. Published article, doesn’t mean we agree about some or all of the content of or opposition, we don’t have any responsibility.

March 6 in the afternoon, suddenly at the same time the email from the company and the external media see xiao-qiang hou hou total mail, colleagues are stunned. Before nor heard some rumors, but everyone surprised so fast.

although so quiet in the office yesterday, but people seem as if they are as if isolated in another dimension, feel very unreal, pull away. Former colleagues have last year’s grand literature make a phone call to care about, I can only say that I am very sad, never so confused.

in the starting point in these years, I have been proud of it. Starting point has always been a have ambition combat team, founding team has also been trusted by everyone loved. We experienced a lot of wind and rain together, especially 3, 6 and 10 years in three major competition. Even with the 06, Chinese online poaching offensive let almost the whole leaves the founding team, but we all stand up. We never fall industry leader, speaking of network literature is almost equal to the starting point, almost all of the operating rules of the industry and development path are almost starting point set, while other competitors can follow behind us all the way.

who know, finally turned out to be such a chicken feather? Really want to make to the birds, a bow, mullahs on death, the henchman boil?

about this affair, based on their own understanding, combined with various of gossip, gather together to a piece of it is almost a complete puzzle.

reports and well, also is really trouble happened at home, it is not the starting point with grand (editor’s note: grand group), but with group (editor’s note: shanda literature group) led to conflict between the situation out of control.

emails is 6 in the afternoon, afterwards just know the day is wu Chen starry night call arrived in Beijing. Chen heard that starting point out some key team after leaving office, find wu, consult with the aspirations of starting point in the team and huge room for manoeuvre, and consultation between will, after all, the first batch of the resigned employee just submitted an application, in accordance with the process at least 30 days and working hours.

but there is no conclusion in the conversation, the next day, which is 30 days process began the first day of xiao-qiang hou immediately approved the resignation application, and the related mail immediately to the public. Interestingly, xiao-qiang hou is a starting point as declared by the board of directors, Chinese directors approved the resignation application, but this time start the chairman wu also in Beijing.

this is why?

the paradox has long been a deep, Rome is not build in one day. In the literature (editor’s note: shanda literature) know knows that. The core of literature must be starting point is just the beginning. Though the 19 companies in literature, architecture, but really can scale continuous scale profit contribution is who? The starting point of revenue, contributed nearly forty percent, round profits, starting point and big tens of millions of profits last year who have?

but the starting point is just one of 19 companies. 18 to 1, hard to avoid some weakness? When only a starting point, xiao-qiang hou and wu is the company’s two giants, but now xiao-qiang hou is a total of 19 companies leader.

starting point has long been a conflict with your top management ranks. Starting point in a lot of development strategy, and even forced by disobedience operation, it is rare in the whole system of grand. According to people familiar with the memories, facing the network literature grand strategy of high-level once talked about a lot of strange and ideas.

change the VIP charge policy, for example, by looking at reading the whole free advertising strategy, even top once personally ordered deadline pilot, promote step by step. But the management team to resist pressure charging mode, the debate continues for a long time (bao ye’s face is very bad at that time, the employee recalls), until the mobile novel base after the promotion of the project, shanda literature gained huge profits, this my ended. Though the final result proves that the charging mode should be by far the most conforms to the pattern of development of network novels, but believe that nobody will like a high-level team of disobedience.

xiao-qiang hou is parachuted into literary group. After group were set up, the new CEO xiao-qiang hou never give up efforts to completely control the starting point. Another 18 companies, some good he can control, while others had to cling to his company to become the best gold-plated place to his friends. No matter you before, what is the status of female secretary tea to send water, nor speak neat bumpkin, as long as it is commonly a organic meeting. Face the chaos of the group, as one of the few perseverance in the starting point of the management team of natural heart early have dissatisfaction.

really disturbing to start the team, the last part of the people have to choose to resign in the starting point of resistance is xiao-qiang hou push contraction copyright operating range. Hou always once said, the core of the shanda literature is full copyright operation, but starting point? As a group, and the main body is the starting point, the full copyright became the starting point for literary group.

calculate the starting point has been available to copyright has a mobile phone operator, mobile base country, the third party copyright cooperation authority, film and television derivative copyright rights, etc., rough and starting point team seems to be in addition to selling ebooks on their website the other will do just about anything. Wireless operation, for example, books do say to the cloud, but the cloud book city hundreds of people team work until now, why still has been losing money? Mobile Internet marketing also let people laughed at for a long time because of the brush list.

starting point is a very capable, even under such restrictions, beast in its cage, a big fish in the case, performance is still very good. When grand group business needs support, starting to use tenpay payment channels to pay 20% of the high fees, but we still can make profit for nine consecutive years.

I believe that the starting point for the literature (editor’s note: shanda literature), contributing to live up to the conscience of the grand. Starting point of the editors of the income is not very high, work hard, but we did a very happy, although watched permissions with less and less, but still very optimistic about the industry outlook company, full of hope. Although team get in return is not much, although group (editor’s note: shanda literature group) used to other employees emotions cannot balance group as an excuse to refuse to enforce bonus plan issued by the company before, refused to pay the employees should be the starting point of bonuses, eventually high-level starting point, the discount issue. Although the top company in as a literary group, beginning their salaries, which team do low-ranking exist within the group. Books, although the cloud even in the case of losses of billions, the bonus is still higher than the starting point. (at the same time, the cloud and the starting point in the same position, the income of the former sometimes several times can be the latter.

occasionally colleagues when they ridicule, said hou always, do you still want us how to

contradiction accumulated slowly, tied after the more the more nervous, once the outbreak. Afterwards just know, starting point team had originally planned to resist to quit that hope Chen will be the starting point more loose development space. But I didn’t think, xiao-qiang hou hou always did not do anything to retain, directly to the public, not half room for manoeuvre.

the office atmosphere is totally different, particularly stressful, like the “cultural revolution”. Hou always released immediately after the first announced over the new management structure, not resigned employees is convened a meeting, to instill a variety of smear conclusion, said team how to hinder the development of the company founder, hindered the development of literature, how bad, even bosses and become one employee’s behavior, has been described as every day regardless of the business, raffish.

however, I don’t think this is a smart. Shanda literature or grand (editor’s note: refers to the big group), a lot of people know, special atmosphere in the company, the starting point of the founding team headed by wu to employees are notoriously “justifying a fault.

if not entrepreneurial teams at an early age, since the starting point to pay wage subsidies, the starting point in the future there will be no big acquisitions opportunities, there will be no more shanda literature, don’t even have the prosperity of the network literature today. The starting point of real people of founders team is respect. The infusion can only receive the opposite effect.

one colleague, is the starting point is shanda, has been in the old man. Originally he was not going to resign, but the town “resignation”, to instill brainwashed that at directly behind him, call his men go to the meeting. And he said, had never been so feel the fickleness of the world, disheartened today (editor’s note: yesterday) is also submitted his resignation process.

look at, edit team now, leaving only a group of people, but you (editor’s note: the author here should take over the team) don’t know there are many people don’t plan to leave, is implanted in your brain washing solution to decide to go.

this is not our familiar place to start. I’m just beginning a member of the ordinary, a few years ago with the curiosity of network literature and looking forward to came to here. Starting point is a simple company, initially when I heard that wu after leaving the founder of the news, we are very surprised, a little upset, but this flurry of two days later, but completely fell into disappointment and confusion.

a colleague about the news, said that Chen is on xiao-qiang hou, at the same time also politely request employee, let them not to make any noise at the present stage.

I’m very sorry. Why have good carry of a company like this.

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