The shells electronic smart watches to join NFC technology the convenience of mobile payment and intelligent household operation

according to sources, the rumored shells electronic Bambook Smart Watch Smart watches might use NFC technology, can facilitate users to implement the operation of mobile payment and intelligent household.

Bambook Smart Watch

NFC (near field communication technology is already mature NFC a solution that has been in the mobile payment and close intelligent control to obtain the very good development, MWC meeting, including lenovo, LG and other companies are shows the use of NFC technology to realize the control of related products.

source at hunting cloud network said, nut shell electron Bambook Smart Watch Smart Watch will probably NFC technology is blended in among them, users can not only through its mobile payment expediently shopping, the most important is that the users can also through the Bambook Smart Watch the NFC technology realization of the intelligent operation of household.

shells electronic Bambook Smart Watch Smart watches are shells electronic after Bambook smartphones, launched another of intelligent terminal products in the future, and according to shells electronic CEO techweb before, in the future, nut shell electron will launch a series of geared to the needs of intelligent equipment, household consumer terminal products.