The scandal! HTC corp. vice President is accused of stealing confidential technology sold to the mainland

according to Taiwan’s “China times reported on Saturday, HTC chief industrial designers and two other employees were accused of stealing confidential technology company and sold to mainland China, the three people are under investigation (vice President and chief designer JianZhi lam, chien-hung wu division director, designer Huang Hongyi 3 people).

the three employees were the key to HTC accused steal company interface technology, investigators searched HTC r&d center office yesterday, and three criminal suspect’s house.

HTC said the company doubts that three employees and a plot to steal the interface technology of Chinese enterprises. This technique has been used in new Sense 6.0 to HTC smartphone, the machine will make its debut later this year.

the three suspects are identified as HTC’s chief industrial designer, a head and a designer. Three people has yet to be arrested, and have denied the charges.

HTC company accusing them of stealing company secrets, not only failed to live up to the trust of the company, and verify crimes after the highest can be sentenced to ten years in prison. HTC has been accused of a forged credentials they illegally obtain more than nt $10 million (RMB 1 million) design.

according to Taiwan’s central news agency reported, the three suspects are thought to have in Taiwan and China set up its own smartphone design company.

“authorities are investigating the matter. Therefore, we avoid further comments. “HTC said in a statement.

as the world’s largest producer of Windows Mobile smartphone, in addition to selling its own smartphone, HTC also provides contract manufacturing Mobile phones, some of the leading companies in the United States including the Google Nexus One phone (microblogging).

in recent years, HTC has been working with international rivals struggle to survive in the fierce competition, in the second quarter of this year net profit fell by 83% compared with the same period last year.

according to market research firm IDC, in 2012, HTC has a 4.6% share in the global smartphone market, compared with 8.8% a sharp fall in the same period in 2011. At present, the samsung company owns 0.3% of the HTC company, and apple holds a 19.1% stake in the company.

source: tencent technology