The samsung Galaxy Gear looks like? Exposure (image)

( compile: million begging)

technology blog suspected samsung the Galaxy Gear smart watches photos, said samsung will in this week’s Berlin consumer electronics show (IFA) posted on the product, this is a exciting news, the data shows, this watch is a full-color display, can and intelligent mobile phone via bluetooth connection, WiFi function, but the shape of its founder, in some ways, is actually the computer button on your wrist, somewhat inconvenient. VentureBeat said that the smart watch lets you send and receive email and social communication. Another rumor its watches with fitted with a four million -megapixel camera and a speaker, so, maybe can be hands-free calls.

however, it is important to note that samsung has a sound security mechanism, so this is not necessarily the final shape, but also basic close, hit probability is very big. The message said, the size of the screen must be 3 feet, which make it with the standard watch far, can not completely replace your watch, however, samsung’s the smart watch can attract the attention of those health enthusiasts, such as and Jawbone Up . VentureBeat said one of its characteristics, is built in a heart rate monitor and other can detect your health condition and calorie intake of the software. We can see from samsung’s advertising screenshots does design have gym class App .

like samsung smartphone, its smart watches products also built-in S function, ability of voice control, the frequency of the rechargeable battery design 10 hours at a time. It is not clear, whether samsung’s smart watches can only interact with samsung products, or to any android products “communication”, IFA , maybe then we will see that it looks like.